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Title: [Currency] Orcish Nakfa
Post by: RaWolfe on January 05, 2020, 12:02:15 AM
Orcish Nakfa, the name that is given and used by many people in the Exonia Realm. The Orcish Nakfa is a currency system that weights its balance in four elements throughout many markets. These minerals can be mined in a rich mineral environments, such as the Barren Tips. It is not strange that most of Alderworth nobility own mines that produce these elements that would provide the market with valuable coins. 


As shown above, is it based on the value of the mineral. Gold is most valuable and the aim on top of it. Minerals like gemstones are valuable, but depend on what kind of rock it is. Gemstones are actually the building stock price of most royalty and nobles in Alderworth. In the following list, you will notice what the coins can be used for.

Additional every starting adventurer will receive a one time paid out payment for being registered with Alderworth as an adventurer. 1 gold coin, 3 silver, 7 bronze and 12 copper coins. This will not be given to returning adventurers going back into active duty.