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The goblins of Exonia are like humans, in that they are varied in their habits and their habitats as humans themselves. There are the goblins of the Barren Tips, who are a barbaric race, and have an uneasy alliance with the Barren Wolves. Further to the south, goblins are a more civilized race, dwelling in towns, and serving as bankers, merchants and less reputable occupations. There are even tales of goblin kingdoms, with towns, roads, castles...even a coin minted with the image of a goblin king. But no matter how varied Exonian goblins live and appear, they all have one quality in common: their avariciousness. All goblins desire wealth, and whether it is by
sword, by lockpick or by interest on a loan, every Exonian goblins desires to gain as much wealth as he or she can.

Exonian Goblins are humanoid in appearance, with skin color in different hues of blue, depending on what region of Exonia they live in. For example, the goblins of the Barren Tips are a dark blue that borders on black, while their cousins to the south, who live and work in towns and cities alongside humans and other folks, have skins that are a lighter blue. Hair color runs from dark brown to black. Adult male goblins can reach one a half meters in height, and weigh forty-five kilograms. Female goblins are of only slightly smaller stature. Goblins have human like faces, though they have porcine noses and chiropteran ears. Their hands also resemble those of humans, thought their feet are reminiscent of those of chickens. Goblins have flat teeth in the front part of their mouth, like humans, though their side teeth are sharp. In more barbaric goblin societies, male goblins sharpen ALL their teeth. Goblin fingernails and toenails are sharp and clawlike, and goblin barbarians keep them very sharp.

Nearly all goblins wear gold earrings, as a display of their status. In more primitive goblin societies, the earrings can serve as currency. Goblin feet are not meant for shoes, but 'civilized' goblins wear a leather wrap on top of their feet. In addition, goblin lenders and merchants often carry three or four small tally books on their belts. Goblin warriors from all goblin societies prefer lighter armour, relying on quickness over endurance.

Goblin women enjoy equal status in more civilized setting, but are little more than chattel in more primitive goblin societies, like those in the Barren Tips. Civilized goblin women are just as desirous of wealth as their menfolk.

Goblin theology does not delve too much on the creation of things and, in settings where goblins live with other races, they often 'borrow' the deities of other races. Goblin families and clans will usually have a patron goblin deity, though, which will usually be one that is concerned with acquiring wealth, either through plunder, commerce, thievery or usury.

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