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Fuzzy Nubbins
« on: January 26, 2020, 06:45:08 PM »

Though Fuzzy Nubbins are thought to be cute, harmless animals, they are in fact, not animals. They are, rather, a short lived ambulatory seed of a vine like plant that grows on the edges of several forests across Exonia.

Fuzzy Nubbins are typically spherical and covered with a fur like moss that ranges from a light orange to a dark grayish green, depending on the environment in which they are found. They can range from thirty-eight to fifty eight centimeters in circumference, and weight between two to three kilograms in weight.

Although Fuzzy Nubbins appear to have eyes, ears and a mouth, these are strictly superficial, and not functional. Since the Fuzzy Nubbin is the seed of a vine that grows on the edge of the forests, it is "programmed" to move toward sunlight until it reaches a certain level (i.e., the light level common at forest edges), at which point it will bury itself at the root of the nearest tree and begin to germinate.

Fuzzy Nubbins exude a chemical that causes a mild euphoria, which usually prevents most animals from destroying or consuming it. The same chemical will also cause a mild rash, which is meant to dissuade animals from carrying them off.

Fuzzy Nubbins usually only live from five to seven days, and will wither if not allowed to plant themselves within that time frame. Most farmers consider them a weed and will destroy them out of hand. Some alchemist are willing to buy Fuzzy Nubbins in bulk at moderate prices, as they possess mildly curative powers when properly processed.

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Re: Fuzzy Nubbins
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