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Druids of Exonia
« on: January 30, 2020, 07:31:21 PM »
Class Details

A Druid is a spellcaster who draws upon nature for their magic. Their abilities include healing, weather and plant related spells, summoning and befriending animals, and with higher levels, animalshape. They take an almost spiritual oath with nature, allowing them to be as adaptable as the natural world. This oath lends to them using wooden items and cloth or leather armours over metal objects and armours. The closer the item to its natural state, the better the Druid can connect with it.

Due to their connection to nature, Druids are against the wholesale destruction of lands or slaughter of creatures. If one must kill a creature or cull land, the Druids insist on everything that could be used from the creature or land be saved for use later. For example, if one were to kill a wolf, the Druids would insist that the meat, bones, claws, fur, and any usable organs be carefully preserved for use.

At Silver level, a Druid may join a Circle of his/her choosing. These Circles will further refine the connection the Druid has to the natural world. The Circle of Direwood, for example, seeks to connect with wood magics, allowing the Druids of the Circle to call upon the woods for protection in the form of barkskin. Druids of this circle can also take the form of a bird with ease. The Circle of the Barren allows the Druids to tap into stone magics and take the form of a wolf. Though, one does not have to belong to a Circle in order to take on the animalshape associated with the Circle, being a member does allow for the Druid to take on this form with less stress and concentration than their contemporary outside of the Circle.

Creating a Druid

When creating a Druid, remember that they generally have an inherent connection to nature. However, this does not mean that they can tap into natural magics at a young age. It simply means that the character can have a pull toward nature at a young age, that they feel connected in a way to their natural surroundings. They care for the land, plants, and animals, more than their peers. Though, not all Druids will feel this pull all of their life, some feel the connection later in life when they start learning to tap into the magical energies of the world.

Additional information

While a Druid can change shape at Silver Level and above, this ability does not allow them to speak with animals of this type while in animalshape better than they normally would. Magic and energy are limited and while it is an inherent ability, it draws upon both magic and energy in order to perform, therefore the stronger a magic user is, the higher their level, the easier they can perform their abilities. These abilities are inherent in all Druids, but do not exist within the Druid from birth. They are gifted upon the Druid when they join the Order of Druids.

Bronze Level

At this level, Druids are learning to tap into natural magics. They cannot specialize in any one form or join a Circle yet, as they must learn to harness the basic level of nature in order to build upon their connection.  They may choose up to five (5) of the Bronze level spells for Druids.

All Druids gain the inherent abilities of Druid Craft and Speak With Animals, though their abilities will be limited based upon their level.

Silver Level

A Druid of this level can now choose one (1) spell of Silver level or below. They can also join one of the many Circles of Exonia. On top of this, they gain another inherent ability, Animalshape.

Animalshape is the ability to turn into an animal. At this level, a Druid can turn into a small creature such as a cat, fox, or wolf. However, this does require a lot of energy, so one cannot stay in this form for an indefinite amount of time. It also comes at the cost of being able to cast spells. So, while in animal form, a Druid cannot perform spells at all. They can attack using the animal’s features, such as biting with sharp teeth or clawing their opponent, but they cannot use any of their magical abilities.

Gold Level

Upon reaching this level, a Druid may choose one (1) spell of Gold level or below. They may now take on an animal familiar. This is essentially a pet they have a bond with. It is almost effortless for the Gold Level Druid to speak with their familiar, though it will still take effort to speak with any other creature.
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Re: Druids of Exonia
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2020, 07:08:21 PM »
  • Continual Flame - A magical flame that generates light but no heat, and which consumes no fuel, manifests on an object you touch. It may serve as a torch. The flame cannot be put out by nonmagical means.
  • Create Bonfire - A magical bonfire, with enough fuel to last an hour, manifests on the ground. This fire needs additional fuel to sustain itself for any longer than an hour.
  • Druidcraft - You intuitively connect to nature. You can make a leaf open, a flower bloom, or a seed sprout. You can make branches gently rustle of leaves or flower blossoms fall to the ground. You can intuit the weather for the next day.
  • Frostbite - An extremely cold frost grows across a person or creature of your choosing, which is painful and paralyzing.
  • Guidance - Whether from the gods or nature or some magical artifact, you feel a sudden burst of inspiration. You know the best thing to do next.
  • Gust - Telekinetically control the wind on a small, very localized scale. You can push one person or object, or make harmless sensory effects, such as rustling leaves or slamming doors. Stronger magic users can control the wind more forcefully.
  • Infestation - You cause a cloud of minuscule insects to manifest and attack your target, who becomes injured and distracted as he or she tries to get the insects off.
  • Magic Stone - Imbue a few small pebbles with magic. Still light to you, they can be thrown at enemies and impact them with as much force as a much larger rock.
  • Mending - Physically repair damaged objects through magic.
  • Mold Earth - Telekinetically control the ground on a small, very localized scale. You can manipulate a relatively small amount of dirt or stone (perhaps a cubic meter), including changing its shape and color.
  • Poison Spray - A noxious gas exudes from your hand towards your target, which burns and poisons them.
  • Primal Savagery - Unrelated to a Druid’s ability to transform into animals, this spell causes your teeth or fingernails to grow long and sharp and manifests a venom on both.
  • Shape Water  - Telekinetically control water on a small, very localized scale. You can manipulate a relatively small amount of water or mist (perhaps a cubic meter), including changing its shape, color, and temperature.
  • Shillelagh - A wooden staff or club is imbued with magical power, giving it additional durability. It hits harder and will not crack with an impact. The magic fades after a few minutes.
  • Thorn Whip  - A long whip made of thorny vines manifests in your hand. You know how to wield the whip.
Level 1
  • Absorb Elements - When you are hit with acid, fire, freezing cold, or lightning, this spell helps redirect some of the energy. Your injury is less severe, and the next time you attack something, your sword, arrow, or spell hits harder.
  • Animal Friendship - You convince an animal that you mean it no harm. It becomes your friend. It is ineffective against people.
  • Create or Destroy Water - You can manifest clean, drinkable water, or dispel water away. The more skilled you are, the more water you can create or destroy.
  • Cure Wounds - With your touch, a person’s injuries begin to heal. Gaping wounds close, and broken bones begin to mend. Pain is also reduced. It is not perfect, but it can mean the difference between life and death, or get a grievously wounded adventurer back into the fight.
  • Detect Magic - Sense the presence of magic nearby. Detect any objects or creatures in the vicinity that have been enchanted. The stronger the spellcaster, the further away the magic can be detected. The precise nature of the magic is hard to discern. Only the spellcaster may see that the items or creatures have been enchanted.
  • Detect Poison and Disease - You can magically sense when someone is ill or poisoned, and can usually identify the type of disease or poison afflicting them. If you are skilled with magic and also knowledgeable about nature, you can also sense the presence of poisons or venoms in nature (animals with poison or venom glands; poisonous plants).
  • Earth Tremor - Cause the ground to magically tremor within a localized area, knocking opponents off balance.
  • Entangle - Magically increase the size of a creature or object. Their physical strength and endurance increases as well. Stronger magic users can make creatures or objects grow even bigger.
  • Faerie Fire - A painless, magical fire marks objects, animals, and people in an area roughly 10 meters per side. Creatures marked by this fire are visible, even in complete darkness, even if they try to render themselves invisible.
  • Fog Cloud - Generate fog in a sphere about five meters in radius. Stronger spellcasters can make the sphere wider.
  • Goodberry - You manifest magical berries in your hand. Despite their small size, the berries contain sufficient calories to nourish a person for a day. Potent and skilled magic users can generate sufficient berries to feed their party without difficulty.
  • Healing Word - More effective than Cure Wounds, this spell closes injuries and knits bones back to health, through a spoken magical word.
  • Ice Knife - Manifest a large icicle and throw it at your target. If you hit them, the ice injures them like a spear and then explodes, sending shards in all directions.
  • Jump - Leap supernaturally high.
  • Longstrider - You or a person or animal you touch is, for about an hour, quite a bit faster than normal.
  • Purify Food and Drink - With a touch, food and water are made free of contaminants of all kinds, including poison and disease.
  • Snare - Lay a piece of rope on the ground. The rope becomes infused with magic and becomes an invisible trap. When a creature walks across the rope, it closes around their feet, trapping them. The trap is difficult to detect unless someone casts Find Traps.
  • Speak with Animals - Gain the ability to converse with animals. They understand you, and you understand them. **NOTE: Druids have this ability innately. It does not count towards their spell total.
  • Thunderwave - A small storm of thunder and lightning manifests directly in front of you, deafening and electrocuting anyone you are facing within five meters or so.
Level 2
  • Animal Messenger - Find a small animal (no larger than a squirrel), specify a location that you have visited, and a recipient of a message. Speak a message to that animal (it must be short). The animal then travels at the best speed to deliver your message.
  • Barkskin - The skin of a creature you choose manifests a woody, bark-like texture. It is as strong as medium-strength armor, though it is also much more flammable.
  • Beast Sense - You touch an animal, and can see through its eyes, hear through its ears, and smell through its nose.
  • Blur - An illusion surrounds you, blurring your appearance. Creatures attacking you have a hard time seeing exactly where you are.
  • Darkness - A magical darkness temporarily fills a space, canceling all nonmagical light within it. No one can see within an area covered by the Darkness spell, even those whose eyes are adapted to low light conditions (such as nocturnal animals and Ithiris)
  • Darkvision - You can bestow on yourself or another person or animal the ability to see in the dark. They still cannot see in an area blackened by the spell Darkness.
  • Dust Devil - Conjure a creature made from earth and dust, who will obey your commands and attack your enemies. The earth and dust will dissipate after a very short while. Strong magic-users may generate Dust Devils that last longer, though they are never permanent.
  • Earthbind - Tendrils of earth lance up from the ground and bind creatures to the ground. They can still move along the ground, but cannot fly or climb.
  • Enhance Ability - For about an hour, a creature of your choosing is suffused with magical energy. It may improve their ability to endure difficult experiences, strengthen their muscles, enhance their reflexes, or open their minds to new ideas.
  • Find Traps - You can psychically detect any kind of trap that is within line of sight, no matter how well hidden. This spell actually perceives the intent of the person who set the trap, be it a mechanical or magical one. It does not detect instabilities or incoming harmful created without intent, such as structural weaknesses in a floor.
  • Flame Blade - A scimitar made of pure magical fire manifests in your hand. You are immune to its heat, but those you attack with it aren’t so lucky.
  • Flaming Sphere - You manifest a sphere of fire two meters in diameter some distance from you. It instantly burns anyone within range. If you are able to hold concentration (which takes a toll), you can make the flame sphere persist and even telekinetically move it.
  • Healing Spirit - More effective than Cure Wounds, this spell closes injuries and knits bones back to health, through a spoken magical word.
  • Heat Metal - You touch a metal object and it gets so hot that it begins to glow red. Anyone who touches the metal is burned. You can use this spell on your weapons -- or your enemy’s armor.
  • Hold Person - Paralyze another person for up to one minute.
  • Lesser Restoration - Touch a blind creature and they can see. Touch a deaf creature and they can hear. Touch a paralyzed creature and he can move. Touch a poisoned creature and dispel the poison.
  • Locate Animals or Plants - As you cast the spell, keep in your head an image of a specific kind of animal or plant. If there are any within five kilometers or so, you will be able to learn where such animals or plants are.
  • Locate Object - As you cast the spell, keep in your head an image of an object you are seeking. It might be a specific object, or a general description. If it is fairly close by (within half a kilometer or so), you will sense where it is. More powerful magic users can sense specific objects further away. You must be reasonably familiar with the object, able to hold an image of it in your head.
  • Misty Step - Early magic users can use this spell to teleport up to about ten meters away. More skilled magic users can go further.
  • Moonbeam - A beam of pure light shines down from a point in the sky (even indoors). The pure light burns like fire and is particularly destructive against the undead.
  • Pass Without Trace - You are not invisible, but you blend in extremely well with shadows. Your steps make no sound. You leave no footprints. This lasts for about an hour.
  • Protection from Poison - With a touch, you neutralize poison or venom affecting someone. You can also make them temporarily immune to future poisoning or envenomating.
  • Silence - Within ten meters of a point you choose, no sound can be created or carried. Any creatures within the Silence area are deaf.
  • Skywrite - Clouds in the sky change their shape and form a short message. The clouds dissipate in a few minutes, and more quickly when the wind is strong.
  • Spike Growth - Magic vines and tendrils covered in thorns and brambles manifest from the ground. Creatures are injured by the sharp thorns when trying to cross the vines.
  • Warding Wind - A strong wind blows around you like a tornado, with you in the centre. You are immune to its effects, as it moves with you. Creatures near enough to feel the wind are buffeted, deafened, and have a hard time hitting you. The wind can also put out flames and disperse clouds (fog, poison gas, etc.


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Re: Druids of Exonia
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