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Class Details

Lying somewhere between Fighters, Rogues, and Druids, is the Ranger. They are woodsmen, hunters, or scouts well versed in ranged weapons. Similar to Druids, the Ranger reveres nature. Though they are not as proficient in tapping into natural magics, they have some ability to do so. They are lithe and agile, able to move silently throughout the land. Like Fighters, they can take down enemies with their combat abilities. And similar to Rogues, they are resourceful and cunning.

They are the ones who hunt the mighty beasts, scout the lands, and aid the mapmakers. They also provide meat, fish, and wood for the cities.

Creating a Ranger

A character does not need to have spent a lot of time hunting, fishing, camping, or scouting as a child or teen in order to join the Rangers. However, some prior knowledge of these is an asset. Over their years of training they will specialize in their choice(s) of woodcraft, stealth, survival, beast-mastery, tracking, or herbalism. As they reach Bronze level, they can take on magical training as well. Basic survival skills are required for all Rangers to master in order to continue to grow within their role.

They'll begin their training at the age of 18 at the Highfoot Stockade of the Sunbrawlers Guild. This is where they learn their survival skills. However, magical training will not take place here. While the Ranger is still a member of the Sunbrawlers guild, they work in conjunction with the Marblevale Guild for their Druid-like training.

For weapons, Rangers use longbows, rapiers, and shortswords. They can also carry throwing knives, axes, and daggers. However, most of the time knives and axes are used as tools rather than weapons.  The best armour for a Ranger is studded leather, however they can also wear leather armour or scale mail as well. As for equipment, Rangers carry a knife for skinning or flaying any hunted animals, traps, rope, a quiver for up to 20 arrows, a tinderbox, some torches, and a bedroll.

Additional information

While Rangers are well versed in ranged weapons, they also prefer utility weapons like knives, daggers, axes, and short swords. As they gain experience and levels, Rangers can gain a ‘favoured environment’ in which they are able to move with ease and stealth. Again, similarly to Druids, at higher levels they may take on a familiar.

Bronze Level

A beginner Ranger is still a student with generalized knowledge of each of the skills necessary to do their jobs. They are jacks of all, masters of none. At this stage, they know which of the two main specializations they will choose (Woodsman, Hunter, or Scout) and can begin to focus their training on the skill set essential to their desired job.

While they generalize in skills, they may choose up to five (5) spells to learn from the Bronze Level spell list.

Silver Level

Now we see the Ranger starting to master skills. This is when they divide in their teachings, choosing either Woodsman, Hunter, or Scout. They may add one (1) more spell to their repertoire, of Silver Level or lower.

Gold Level

With more training and skill mastering, the Ranger can finally gain a confidence within a favoured environment. Be it the plains, woodlands, mountains, grasslands, or other terrain, the Ranger can move faster and with more stealth within their preferred area. This comes not from some magical source, but from years of operating within the terrain. For example, a Hunter who has spent most of their training in the Barren Tips will know the area like the back of their hand. They will be able to move through the area with a practiced ease, knowing just where to avoid and being able to spot differences much faster than one who spent most of their training in the woodlands.

At this level, they may also take on a familiar. Though the creature will listen to their commands, the Ranger will only be able to speak with their familiar if they have taken the ‘Speak with Animals’ spell. While Druids have this innate ability to speak with creatures, Rangers do not and thus must learn the ability.

The Gold Level Ranger may add one (1) more spell from Gold level or lower.

Platinum Level

Having fought many battles, and scouted many lands, the Platinum Level Ranger may take on a second favoured environment and one favoured enemy. They will have advantage with these environs and chosen enemy. For example, if a Ranger has spent much of their time hunting Barren Wolves, they will have the knowledge behind them to take these beasts out swiftly, targeting weak points.

Diamond Level

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Re: Rangers
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Spell List

Level 1

Absorb Elements
When you are hit with acid, fire, freezing cold, or lightning, this spell helps redirect some of the energy. Your injury is less severe, and the next time you attack something, your sword, arrow, or spell hits harder.

Set an area no bigger than twenty feet per side. Until the spell ends, an alarm alerts you whenever a creature enters the area.

Animal Friendship
You convince an animal that you mean it no harm. It becomes your friend. It is ineffective against people.

The skin of a creature you choose manifests a woody, bark-like texture. It is as strong as medium-strength armor, though it also much more flammable.

Cure Wounds
With your touch, a person’s injuries begin to heal. Gaping wounds close, and broken bones begin to mend. Pain is also reduced. It is not perfect, but it can mean the difference between life and death, or get a grievously wounded adventurer back into the fight.

Detect Magic
Sense the presence of magic nearby. Detect any objects or creatures in the vicinity that have been enchanted. The stronger the spellcaster, the further away the magic can be detected. The precise nature of the magic is hard to discern. Only the spellcaster may see that the items or creatures have been enchanted.

Detect Poison and Disease
You can magically sense when someone is ill or poisoned, and can usually identify the type of disease or poison afflicting them. If you are skilled with magic and also knowledgeable about nature, you can also sense the presence of poisons or venoms in nature (animals with poison or venom glands; poisonous plants).

Fog Cloud
Generate fog in a sphere about five meters in radius. Stronger spellcasters can make the sphere wider.

You manifest magical berries in your hand. Despite their small size, the berries contain sufficient calories to nourish a person for a day. Potent and skilled magic users can generate sufficient berries to feed their party without difficulty.

Hail of Thorns
The spell is infused into an arrow fired from a bow. When the arrow hits, it is accompanied by magic thorns that manifested just before impact.

Hunter’s Mark
Your prey is marked. You can see them more clearly than any other creature. You also have an innate sense of your prey’s weaknesses. Your hits do that much more damage as a result.

Leap supernaturally high.

You or a person or animal you touch is, for about an hour, quite a bit faster than normal.

Speak with Animals
Gain the ability to converse with animals. They understand you, and you understand them.

Zephyr Strike
You gain the speed of the wind. You can dash in close to an enemy, hit it, and run away without it noticing you even got close. Your weapon hits with more force because you came at it running so fast.

Level 2

Animal Messenger
Find a small animal (no larger than a squirrel), specify a location that you have visited, and a recipient of a message. Speak a message to that animal (it must be short). The animal then travels at best speed to deliver your message.

Beast Sense
You touch an animal, and can see through its eyes, hear through its ears, and smell through its nose.

Cordon of Arrows
Place four arrows in a square on the ground. The ground and arrows become infused with magic. Anyone walking within five meters of the square is attacked by one of the arrows. The magic fades once all four arrows are spent.

You can bestow on yourself or another person or animal the ability to see in the dark. They still cannot see in an area blackened by the spell Darkness.

Disguise Self
A magical illusion makes you appear different from how you really look. The illusion does not affect touch.

Thorny vines sprout from the ground and bind your target. The thorns are painful, and the vines hold the target in place.

Find Traps
You can psychically detect any kind of trap that is within line of sight, no matter how well hidden. This spell actually perceives the intent of the person who set the trap, be it a mechanical or magical one. It does not detect instabilities or incoming harmful created without intent, such as structural weaknesses in a floor.

Lesser Restoration
Touch a blind creature and they can see. Touch a deaf creature and they can hear. Touch a paralyzed creature and he can move. Touch a poisoned creature and dispel the poison.

Locate Animals or Plants
As you cast the spell, keep in your head an image of a specific kind of animal or plant. If there are any within five kilometers or so, you will be able to learn where such animals or plants are.

Locate Object
As you cast the spell, keep in your head an image of an object you are seeking. It might be a specific object, or a general description. If it is fairly close by (within half a kilometer or so), you will sense where it is. More powerful magic users can sense specific objects further away. You must be reasonably familiar with the object, able to hold an image of it in your head.

Misty Step
Early magic users can use this spell to teleport up to about ten meters away. More skilled magic users can go further.

Pass Without Trace
You are not invisible, but you blend in extremely well with shadows. Your steps make no sound. You leave no footprints. This lasts about an hour.

Protection from Poison
With a touch, you neutralize a poison or venom affecting someone. You can also make them temporarily immune to future poisoning or envenomating.

Rope Trick
Telekinetically control a rope. You can cause it to hook onto the empty air and it will hold as if properly secured to a wall or rock face. You can swing it with your mind. Extremely talented magic users can tie complicated knots with this spell.

Within ten meters of a point you choose, no sound can be created or carried. Any creatures within the Silence area are deaf.

Spike Growth
Magic vines and tendrils covered in thorns and brambles manifest from the ground. Creatures are injured by the sharp thorns when trying to cross the vines.

Zone of Truth
Anyone within roughly ten meters of you is unable to deliberately tell a lie. They are not compelled to answer, but they cannot be untruthful. Ignorance of the truth does not constitute lying.
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