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Author Topic: The Comital Society of Alderworth for Improving Natural Knowledge  (Read 842 times)


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OOC: The Comital Society of Alderworth for Improving Natural Knowledge (Comital Society for short) isn't something meant as an equivalent of one of the guilds. Although the Comital Society Hall does have a very good library, it is in no way the equivalent of the libraries maintained by the other Guilds, at least as far as Guild specific knowledge is concerned. And, outside of prestige, there are no real benefits to being a member of the Comital Society. Rather, I see it as a quest generator. Plus, I wanted a place to park my scholarly expert for the Giant Armadillo . I could also see some of future quests generated by the Comital Society providing the opportunity for advanced adventures to being invited to join the Comital Society.

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The Comital Society of Alderworth for Improving Natural Knowledge (commonly referred to as the Comital Society) began as a meeting of friends in the "wonder room" (a room where various artifacts and curios are displayed) of Lord Wani Farseer, one of the first and most celebrated explorers of the Brightlanders Guild.

The meeting occurred after the first Skervian invasion, and the group was discussing an assortment of Skervian weaponry that Lord Farseer had recently had a display built for. This led to a discussion of tactics used by the city to defend itself against the Skervians, including the unlikely use of the pollen of a weed called Ladiumrod.

Lord Farseer lamented that there was not a place where the use of Ladiumrod and other such things could be studied. One of Farseer's closest friends, Vidda Bronzewoods, a sorcerer in good standing with the Marblevale Guild, informed him that there were, in fact, several places in Alderward where information was gathered and studied, including the Marblevale Guild and the Brightlanders Guild. Lord Farseer countered that the research of these and other guilds was too narrow and specific, and there was very little communication between the various guilds.

What ensued next was a heated debate, which the rest of those gathered friends remained clear of. Farseer and Bronzewoods might be the closest of friends, but the arguments the two had were legendary.

And what followed that argument was the founding of the Comital Society of Alderworth for Improving Natural Knowledge.

The initial membership of the society were the friends gathered to witness that initial argument, with Lord Farseer's Wonder Room being used for the meetings. In the years that followed, the meetings would become more formal, and the requirements of membership into the Society being more than just a casual invitation. At present, the Comital Society has its own building in North Creolluc , with displays of various curios, objects and artifacts displayed in the Comital Society's Hall (as the building is formally known) donated by individuals and guilds. The Hall has a small indoor zoo of birds, insects and smaller mammals, reptiles and amphibians. In addition, there is a small but noteworthy library attached to the Hall.

The present leader of the Comital Society is Lord Majes Dushon, a retired merchant and explorer of note.

The Hall is open on certain public days to all the citizens of Alderworth for a copper piece, but outside those days, the only ones who are allowed in to the Hall are Comital Society members, their guests, patrons of the Society, and scholars and attendees who work in the Hall. Visiting scholars are also allowed to visit the hall, with permission from the Society.

Although the Hall does play host to Society galas and meetings, there are no rooms for members or visitors of the Society.

Membership to the Comital Society is by invitation only, and is limited to explorers and scholars (both magical and non-magical) who have made significant contributions to the exploration and understanding of Exonia.

A noteworthy Scholar who works for the Comital Society is Cessar G'ness, one of the Hall's librarians, who has dedicated his life to the study of the giant armadillo. Cessar G'ness's fame, however, is not due to his extensive knowledge of the giant armadillo, but rather his creation of the G'ness library system, which includes placing books in certain positions in a library, and using a ledger to keep track of the titles and locations of available books.

Although Cessar developed the system to aid his own research, it is a system that has been adapted by the libraries of other organization, including Alderworth's various guilds, and is slowly spreading through other cities in Exonia.
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Re: The Comital Society of Alderworth for Improving Natural Knowledge
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