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The Order of Tyr
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Symbol/Flag of the Order of Tyr

The Order of Tyr (a guild for paladins)  was formed in the wake of the first Skervian war. A dozen bloodied warriors committed themselves to Tyr, putting his rune on their armour, their shields and the hilts of their swords, and swearing an oath to courage and justice. In return, they were blessed with the ability to fight the undead, among other enhancements.

Since then, the Order of Tyr has evolved into two Chapters, both ostensibly under the control of the Grandmaster of the Alderworth Guards. The Vanguard Guards (often called The Viscountess' Own) is entrusted with the protection of the Viscountess and her household as well as Alderworth's Head Priestess of the Silver Oath, and are only granted leave from that duty in the event of a direct attack on the city. The Head of the Vanguard Guards (currently Lady Salvay Greenthorne) reports directly to the Grandmaster of the Alderworth Guards. Members of the Right Hand, on the other, are responsible only to the Head of their chapter (currently Awimall Dalwin) and their own oath. The Right Hand is independent of the Alderworth Guards save in times of emergency, such as an attack on Alderworth.

In addition, there are paladins who answer to no one but Tyr himself, but to become one of the latter require a fighter of at least Silver level to succeed in a number of tests (quests) in order to become an independent Paladin

Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria is the same as that of the Alderworth Guard, with an additional five years of training. The end result is that Paladin characters begin at Silver Level for Vanguards and Bronze level for Right Hands. In addition, neither Chapter of the Order of Tyr will accept magic users into their ranks.

The Vanguards Guards recruit the best of the best into their ranks. Their ranks include the best fighters to go through Sunbrawler and Alderworth Guard training, as well as the  sons and daughters of noble families. With their sleek looks and their polished armor and swords, they are shining avatars of Tyr in Exonia.

After ten years of service, the Vanguard Guards are allowed to ask to be released from their oaths in order to return to their families, which many of the Guards do.

The Right Hand is different. Those recruited into the Right Hand are not the strongest, or the best fighters, or the ones with the most notoriety. Instead, they are often the ones just a few steps above mediocrity, who simply would not quit, no matter how difficult the training was to them personally. If the Vanguard Guard is the shining example, then the Right Hand is the nondescript warrior quietly oiling her equipment in the corner.

In addition, the Right Hand does not accept initiates who have vengeance in their heart, or who have troubled souls. And like Tyr himself, the Chapter Head of the Right Hand can see the unspoken motives of those in his Chapter.

Unlike the Vanguard Guard, members of the Right Hand may never be released from their vows.


Members of one chapter may not resign and enter the other chapter.

In times of emergency, such as an attack on Alderworth, members of the Right Hand are required to obey the call of the Grandmaster of the Alderworth Guards.

A paladin who betrays her brothers and sisters, a Vanguard Guard who abandons her post, a Right Hand who does not heed the call of her Chapter Head, one who abandons her oath, each is deemed a traitor, an outcast, and is marked as such. She will be hunted down by her former peers, brought back in chains to her Chapter House,  and judged by her Chapter Head, with the Viscountess sitting as witness. Life Imprisonment is often, but not always, the result of this judgment.

The Chapter House of the Vanguard Guard is located on Oakfield Garde, while the Chapter House of the Right Hand is located on the western edge of Dreok Cross. where it become the Giant Armadillo Valley. Each Chapter House provides meals and a place to sleep, as well as grounds to train on, for their members. All initiates into the Order of Tyr train at Oakfield Garde regardless of which Chapter they end up entering.

Members of the Vanguard Guard wear the rune of Tyr on the left breastplate of their armour, as well as on their shields and the hilt of their swords. Members of the Right Hand wear the rune of Tyr on a chain around their neck, but otherwise have no uniform appearance.

The maxim of the Vanguard Guards is "Always advance with sword aloft and honor undiminished."

The motto of the Right Hand is "Our oaths, until we no longer draw sword or breath"

In addition to its Chapter House, the Right Hand mans three towers. One to the north, overlooking the road leading into the Barren Tips, one in Edgewater, looking out to the sea, and one on the southern edge of Drirrilf Hill, that watch the plains that stretch to the south of the city.

Each tower of the Right Hand, along with the Chapter House itself, are connected by enchanted crystals created by the Cileo artificers. The crystals are connected to a master crystal in the office of the Commandant of the Alderworth Guard, to alert her of trouble that might be approaching the city from any of the four cardinal directions. In times of trouble, the Commandant can use another Cileo created artifact, a giant ram's horn, which is enchanted to sound loudly throughout the city. In addition, the runes of Tyr that members of the Right Hand wears make them capable of hearing the horn blast, regardless of where they are (but only the wearer will hear the horn blast).

A fighter who is at least Silver Level may become a paladin of Tyr independent of the Order of Tyr, provided she passes a number of tests (quests). The nature of these tests are shrouded in mystery and legend, and finding out what exactly is required is actually the first test (quest).

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