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Gainia Dynasty
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The Gainia Dynasty or also known for outsiders as the Empire of Gainia is one of few Elven kingdoms in Exonia. The Gainia Dynasty is ruled by King Ruehnar Morjeon and Queen Yrneha Morjeon. Ruehnar is a veteran warrior that has seen many battles in his lifetime and his rather withdrawn from most public events, though he keeps himself busy with the request from the public and military. His wife, Queen Yrneha is more open, supports the public in events and building efforts. They got three daughters Princess  Shalendra (first), Princess Siphanien (second) and Princess Axilya (third). The king is advised by Othorion Luren, a decorated military adviser and commander in the Gainia army and Thessalia Elkalyn, a woman that knows the trading business and all civil services. The Brightlanders have only dealt with miss Elkalyn and records show that she is a kind and friendly woman that likes to bargain.

The Gainia providence lays in the north-east of Exonia and is pretty much sealed off by the Barren Tips in the south and west. There two routes towards the lands of northern elves. One would be the Alderworth route that lays in the south and brings you from Alderworth into Barren Tips and towards the village of Nazibiram (going left), the village of Gizindinda (going right), the village of Gizabuzdus (second right) and finally to the city of Azarak. The second path is the Stiag route, which brings you from the west-north into the large capital city of the Gainia Dynasty named Stiag. The origin of Gainia is vaguely put on 487 before 0-Tralirs, Brightlanders Guild has not been given the information regarding the history of the empire in-depth details. But Alderworth is one of the primary trading partners of the Empire in various luxury deals that the elven wishes to trade with them. Thus is the Alderworth route the most profit as the Stiag route is more closed off and has more checkpoints due to historic mistrust with the human kingdoms.

The Gainia Dynasty is a monarchy kingdom with a king as head of state, a queen as head of government and military and public advisor as an advisory role towards the king and queen. Gainia is known for its archery and sorcery skills in the military form which makes them a fierce enemy on long-range attacks, they also use the Barren Tips to their advantage when it comes to war. Another worthy notice is that Gainia Dynasty is strong in rare fishery and plant products that are popular throughout Exonia.

LeadersKing/QueenAdvisory MilitaryAdvisory Public
FunctionsCommand & Operations.Advisory, Military training, Military deployementAdvisory, Public affairs, trading and upholding law

The Empire of Gainia is an isolated country that has taken a step back from any contact with the outside since 17 Tralirs. Even the trading of Brightlanders does not venture further than the city of Azarak. People that are found crossing the so-called yellow line will be placed into prison and after a good four weeks of isolation be shipped back to the shores of Alderworth. The yellow line is a marked location of yellow-painted rocks and it is said that the Gainia military has placed tripwire alarm magic in those areas. Elfs from the empire is allowed the venture outside the empire to explore, create and discover for themselves what it is all about. However, only elven are allowed to return, does the citizen get married with a different species then they stay outside.



Stiag (Capital City)


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Re: Gainia Dynasty
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