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Native to the Barren Tips and other (dark) mountainous areas, the Wolpertinger bears a resemblance to a very large hare, with the (proportional) horns of a deer, the wings of a pheasant and a distinct set of fangs. A male wolpertinger can weigh as much as five kilograms, and can reach more than three quarters meters in body length. Female wolpertingers are slightly smaller than their male counterparts, but both genders possess antlers. Coloring runs from a mottled light brown and gray to darker colors, including solid black. The latter are very rare, and are prized as familiars for sorcerers practicing dark magic.

The Wolpertinger is a very fast animal, capable of speeds of up to sixty kilometers an hour in very short bursts. In addition, the Wolpertinger can leap up to six meters in distance, assisted by its wings, which it can use for gliding (though not flying).

Wolpertingers tend to be very solitary creatures, only intermingling with each  other during mid- to late spring for mating purposes, during which time male wolpertingers  often battle each other for the purpose of establishing dominance over potential breeding partners. Although female wolpertingers often accept the winner of these battles as their mates for that season, occasionally a female wolpertinger will fight off, and even occasionally kill, a male wanting to breed with her. A female wolpertinger can give birth to a litter from six to eight leverets (baby wolpertingers), all of whom are born without antlers, but grow them within the first few weeks of life. A mother will stay with her litter until late autumn, at which point they are expected to survive on their own.

Unlike hares, wolpertingers are omnivores and scavengers, occasionally killing other animals to supplement their diet, or eating the remains of freshly killed animals.

Wolpertingers possess the ability to mimic sounds, including spoken phrases, and have a limited teleportation ability, able to disappear and reappear to any point within their sight. Legend has it that the only non-magical way to stop a wolpertinger from doing this is to capture them with a snare or trap that incorporates a silver thread.

Wolpertingers are especially deadly with their antlers, which have very sharp points. They use their antlers for both thrusting and slashing. Up close, the wolpertinger will use its fangs, wings and sharp claws with devastating effects.

Wolpertingers are highly resistant to any type of charm spell, even those cast by druids and other nature-based magic users, and will attack any being who unsuccessfully tries to charm them.

Wolpertingers are particularly destructive animals when it comes to human settlements, even temporary ones like camping sites.  When a wolpertinger discovers a human structure in its range, it will begin trying to destroy it in the most efficient way possible.

While wolpertinger flesh is barely survival food, its horns and feathers are highly prized by alchemists. However, they must be delivered to an alchemist within forty-eight hours after the wolpertinger is killed, as the horns and feathers deteriorate rapidly, unless preserved by a technique known only to well trained alchemists with access to properly stocked facilities.

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