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Giant Forest Hog
« on: February 25, 2020, 06:36:04 PM »

The giant forest hog lives along the edge of forests where they merge into plains, such as the forest that lies to the west of Sutalter. The male of the species can reach two and half meters in body length, standing one and a quarter meters at the shoulder, and weight in excess of two hundred and seventy five kilograms. Adult females of the species are much smaller, usually only reaching eighty percent of an adult male's size. Adult females also lack the distinctive (and deadly) tusks the males wield, which may reach forty centimeters in length. The giant forest hog has extensive hairs on its body, though these tend to become less pronounced as the animal ages. It is mostly black in color on the surface, though hairs nearest the skin of the animal are a deep orange color,

The giant forest hog travels in herds between fifteen to twenty five in number, consisting mostly of females and their young, with one older male in charge. Young adult and adolescent males have been known to form small, temporary groups of anywhere between four to eight male hogs, though these usually disband within a few weeks.

Female giant hogs will leave their herds to give birth, then rejoin them a few weeks later. A female giant hog will usually have a litter of four to six. A giant forest hog takes a year to reach adulthood, and can live as long as twenty years.

Giant forest hogs tend to live along the edges of large forests, and are usually nocturnal, though this can change for seasonal and/or environmental reasons. They are primarily herbivores and insectivores, but have been known to also act as scavengers. Farmers living near forests find giant forest hogs a destructive nuisance. In addition, giant forest hogs can be dangerous, as the lead male hog of a herd may attack an individual for no apparent reason. The small group of males is even more dangerous, as they may continue pursuing an individual even after said individual has left the vicinity in which she encountered the hogs in.

The giant forest hog has a tough hide, equivalent of leather, and is highly resistant to poison and disease based attacks. Their hearing and olfactory senses are also well developed, and they can run for short periods of time to speeds of up to forty-five kilometers an hour. However, their eyesight is very week, particularly during the daytime.
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Re: Giant Forest Hog
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