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« on: February 26, 2020, 02:03:45 AM »

The Bublis is a creature unique to the Barren Tips, being found nowhere else in the world of Exonia. Standing two meters tall, most of its body is covered with a dark, thick, curly hair, save for its short goat-like legs, its long, stick-lick arms, one eye, it's ape-like nose and mouth, and its horns. Although never more than one Bublis has ever been reported, by all eyewitness accounts, each Bublis is identical to every other Bublis.

The first hint that an adventurer is about to encounter a Bublis is the overwhelming stench of rotting flesh that accompanies the creature. The second hint is the screech the Bublis makes as it charges the adventurer. The screech is reminiscent of fingertips being scraped over smooth slate stone. The Bublis will continue making the screech until either it or its target is killed.

The Bublis will attack with its clawed hands (which are razor sharp), and is able to swivel three hundred sixty degrees on its waist. For the most part, the Bublis is immune to illusions and control spells, as well as direct energy based spells (fire, electricity, etc.) by all but the most powerful of spellcasters.

When cut, the Bublis will spew a weak acid fluid from its wounds directly at its attacker. Said wound will heal almost immediately. Even cut off limbs will regenerate. Blunt weapons, or weapons fired from afar, are the best bet in defeating a Bublis, though the Bublis has the constitution of an elephant, and is just as difficult to take down.

Although not an undead creature, lower level undead creatures, even ones who are controlled, will immediately flee the vicinity of a Bublis.

if a Bublis does major damage to an adventurer, it will focus its attacks on that adventurer until it or the adventurer is dead.

The Bublis will attack an adventurer as soon as it detects it, and can see through the invisibility spells cast but any but the most powerful of spellcasters. The only exception to this are the invisibility spells used and cast by pixies, which seem to always fool a Bublis. Even if the single eye of the Bublis is destroyed, it still maintains perfect sight and depth perception. It has no sense of smell or hearing.

The origin of the Bublis is unknown, though legends and theories abound. The most prevalent is that the Bublis is being "manufactured" by some type of device somewhere in the Barren Tips, the product of a long dead dark sorcerer. No more than one Bublis at a time has ever been seen, and years can go between a Bublis sighting.

Once a Bublis is killed, its body rapidly deteriorates, save for the horns, which are highly prized by wizards and alchemists.
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