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Haints are very similar to ghosts, and by many scholars, are considered a "subspecies" of ghosts, though unlike ghosts, haints are always malevolent. In addition, haints are mindless creatures, and no type of communication with them is possible.

Haints are either the spirits, or the remnants of the life force, (depending on whom you ask) of individuals  who were in life, to put it kindly, mercenary. They appear as translucent, human-like figures, though with one or more types of disfigurements, which often are a manifestation of the vices the individual possessed in life. Haints are produced when an individual with "mercenary" qualities is killed in "dark" regions, such as the Barren Tips.

Haints are bound to wherever their body was slain and left, and can only wander around within two hundred meters of that point. Haints can only emerge at night, and will disappear at dawn. And even the most powerful spells cannot drive a haint from that area.

A haint is drawn to the living within its area, and will always attack until it is dispelled, it kills every living creature within its range, every remaining living creature flees the area of the haint, or the sun rises. The haint attacks by touching a creature, which draws the life force from a creature, making it feel preternaturally cold.

A haint can only be held at bay or injured by light and protection from undead spells/abilities used by clerics and paladins, or by magical energy based spells, such as fire, lightning, etc. Cold based spells, and weapons with magical cold inducing effects actually help the haint regenerate. Unless a weapon has properties specifically attuned to fighting the undead, bladed and blunt weapons have no effect on a haint. If a haint is "killed", it only stays dead until the next night, at which point it regenerates fully. The only way to truly "kill" a haint is to find the remains of the haint, dig them up and rebury them in a "non-dark" region. A haint will regenerate at nightfall if its remains are still in a "dark" region, unless it is in an area of another haint. Only one haint can exist in an area at a time.
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