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« on: February 28, 2020, 12:07:24 PM »

Melters, a "subspecies" of zombies. are called melters because their features, particularly there fingers and noses, appear to be elongating all the time as if they were melting.

Unlike normal zombies, who are generated either by a humanoid creature running afoul of either another zombie, or a powerful dark and/or undead spellcaster, melters are formed when a humanoid creature is cursed by a particular location within a "dark" terrain, such as the Barren Tips. Thus, if an adventurer is killed by a "melter" zombie, she will not in turn become a melter zombie herself.

Melters resemble the humanoid they were in life, save their clothes will appear ragged, and their features will appear waxen. They must remain within two kilometers of the site in which they were cursed, and will roam that site every night, from nightfall to sunrise, attacking any humanoid they see. At sunrise, they will appear to "melt" into the ground, reappearing at the cursed site from which they originated. Not even the most powerful spell can force an ambulatory melter out of its two kilometer range.

Melters attack by clawing and biting any humanoid they see or hear, and they have excellent eyesight and hearing (regardless of whether they actually have eyes or ears!). Any humanoid clawed or bitten by a melter stands a chance of contracting a very aggressive, fast acting and ultimately fatal form of leprosy.

Flaming torches, bonfires, and such will keep melters at bay, as will protection against the undead spells/abilities. Blunt weapons and projectiles of any sort, even enchanted ones, will have no effect on them, and only edged weapons with fire based enchantments or enhancements against the undead (or wielded by someone with abilities against the undead) will have any effect on them. Only flame based spells will harm a melter, and electrical based spells will actually accelerate their regenerative process. If a limb or feature is cut off a melter, a new one will seem to form by the "melting" of nearby body parts.

If a melter is "killed," on the next nightfall, it will regenerate at the cursed site from which it originated.

There are only two ways to truly "kill" a melter:

1) Toss its bound body into a magically ignited fire
2) Lift the curse from the site where the melter originated

Once the process of lifting the curse from the site has begun, all the melters associated with the site\ will appear nearby, even during the daytime. The appearing melters, though, will be confined to areas outside of direct sunlight.


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