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Dryads appear as scantily clad beautiful elf maidens who are associated with hardy, long lived trees that grow deep in old forests. It should be noted that, appearances, legend and bawdy bardic tales to the contrary, dryads are actually sexless creatures. The clothing that appears to cover hem, "no no" parts...are actually part of their body.

There is some debate on whether the dryad is a spirit separate from the tree she inhabits, or is the actual embodiment of the tree itself. Either way, the dryad only appears in a long lived species of tree that has lived for at least two centuries, and the life force of the dryad and her host tree are inextricably tied.

Most of the time, it appears as if the dryad appears and disappears out of thin air. In reality, she forms out of one of the roots of her host tree, and "dissolves'" back into it. Dryads can roam freely within a kilometer of their host tree, and will not willingly leave that area. If a dryad is removed from that area, as long as she is kept away from her tree, both her and her host tree will begin to wither rapidly until both of them die (usually within a day's time).

Dryads have all the abilities and spell capabilities of a druid, but only within one kilometer of their tree. In addition, not even the most powerful of druids can "override" a dryad's control of animals within the range of her tree. Also, every animal within one kilometer of the dryad's tree will immediately come to her defense if she is attacked.

For the most part, dryads are shy, benign creatures, rarely showing themselves or interacting with interlopers in their forest, unless the interlopers try to harm a living creature within a kilometer of their host tree. Even then, the dryad will try to drive out the interlopers from hiding.

Dryads have a natural affinity for chaste, female elven druids, coming out into the open and greeting them with the tittle "Sister" as they embrace them. On the other hand, dryads have a fierce enmity toward dwarves, and will attack any dwarf coming within range of their tree, regardless of the dwarf's character class. The only possible exception to this rule would be if the dwarf in question were escorted by a trype of druid the dryad would consider a sister, an even then, the dryad would probably be constantly asking her "sister," "Are you sure I can't kill him now?"

Dryads are resilient creatures, but they are very susceptible to flame based attacks. If a dryad is killed within range of her tree, she will usually reappear within a day's time. However, if her tree itself is destroyed, both tree and dryad are dead.

Dryads are solitary creatures, and several kilometers will separate two dryad trees. Dryads are very much aware of anything going on within a kilometer of their tree.

Dryads have a minor curse ability, which they can (and will) use against any male who uses dismissive or sexist language, or actis in a sexist or abusive manner, to either her or another female while in range of her tree. The curse causes the male in question to instantly become a eunuch. The curse can only be lifted by a powerful cleric or paladin, and must be done publicly, and requires the curse sufferer to announce his condition in front of witnesses.

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