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The crumlancher looks as if a sculptor created a crude depiction of a wolf from stone. They are an Earthen Elemental creature that can sometimes be found in mountainous region such as the Barren Tips. They are approximately one and a half meters in length, and stand one meter tall at the shoulder. Although a crumlancher weights thousands of kilograms, it is as nimble as the wolf it roughly resembles.

Crumlanchers are solitary creatures, ranging in remote areas, and have very little to do with interlopers, preferring to avoid trespassers in their range rather than confronting them. Crumlanchers have the ability to move through rock and stone, and negate any earth-based spell cast within ten meters of them. In addition, a crumlancher is immune to bladed weapons and projectiles, and a bladed weapon used against them. even an enchanted one, stands a chance of shattering if the bladed weapon strikes a crumlancher. Projectile weapons are also useless against a crumlancher. The only type of spells that seem to be particularly effective on  crumlancher are cold-based spells.

Although crumlanchers have a heightened animal intelligence, they are immune to any and all control animal spells/capabilities, including those used by dryads.

It is rumored that powerful dwarven mages are able to bind a crumlancher to their service. Crumlanchers have been found bound to great treasures, attacking trespassers if they get within a certain distance of the treasure. Legend has it that the crumlancher originated on the moon Sezara.

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