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Peacock Dragon
« on: March 02, 2020, 01:36:25 AM »

The peacock dragon is a rare beast, only found in the brackish waters in the estuaries of large rivers. A peacock dragon stands two meters high at the shoulders, and four meters long from nose to tail. It's smooth hide is a bright, cobalt blue, and is adorned with green feathers on its back and wings, with the feathers on its tail tip, its crest and along its wings, bearing the resemblance of those adorned by a peacock. Although its wingspan is relatively small (being only six meters from one wing tip to the other), and the wings look comparatively frail, they are actually quite sturdy, and capable of bearing not only the dragon's weight, but a hypothetical rider as well (more on that below). To finish off their 'decoration,' the claws of the peacock dragon are a pinkish-red.

To the non-peacock dragon, there are no discernible differences between the male and the female species, as their genitalia remain internal save during mating season, and their sizes and coloring are almost identical. To the peacock dragon, the differences are obvious. But in either case, save during their sporadic mating seasons and the raising of hatchlings, peacock dragons remain clear of the territories of other peacock dragons.

Although the mating seasons of peacock dragons are thought to be sporadic, many scholars think it may be tied somehow to the positionings of Exonia's two moons, though no one is quite sure how. In any case, a peacock dragon female will lay four to six eggs after mating, and will stay with her hatchlings for the three years that it takes for them to mature, though for the last year, the hatchlings will more or less take care of themselves, as they search out new homes for themselves. Peacock dragons are thought to live from thirty to forty years.

The peacock dragon is a sturdy and agile beast, equally home on the ground, in the air and in the water. It has a thick hide capable of deflecting the strike of the sword and absorbing the blow of a club. Peacock dragons are highly intelligent creature and highly resistant to any type of charm or control spells. Besides being able to attack another creature with its claws and teeth, the peacock dragon has "prismatic breath", which will confuse and blind any creature it strikes. The peacock dragon can also use its tail, the touch of which will cause the target to become paralyzed with fear and dread.

On a very rare occasion, a peacock dragon will allow itself to become the steed of a chaste female paladin (Diamant Level). The bond between rider and steed is such that not even the control spell of a dryad could break it. And, in any event, the dryad will consider a peacock dragon rider to be her "sister." (See Dryad description).

For the most part, a peacock dragon is a shy, solitary creature, enjoying a diet of fish and crustaceans and preferring to avoid interlopers in it habitat. However, it will fiercely defend its nest.

The peacock dragon will make its nest in the high, inaccessible limbs of old trees, cliffs, or the like. Peacock dragons have a taste for fine gemstones, and a peacock dragon's nest will sometimes contain a small fortune in fine jewels. 
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