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« on: March 02, 2020, 03:25:20 AM »

Pakapakas are an ambulatory plant species native to the marshes and swamps of Exonia. They are fifteen to thirty centimeters both in height and width, with their appearance always resembling other plants in their immediate vicinity.

Pakapakas are scavengers, migrating from one rotting corpse to another, and capable of scampering across the ground at a meter a second.

Pakapakas have been known to gather around battle scenes, waiting for combatants to fall. If a combatant is severely injured, pakapakas have been known to try to rush things along. The bite/scratch of a pakapaka is only a mild irritant to a healthy individual, but several pakapakas biting an injured combatant can sink the combatant into a coma, making them easier feasting. During spring, a well gorged pakapaka will explode, sending its seeds in every direction. The explosion of a pakapaka smells like rotting carrion. Pakapaka seeds will mature in any marshy soil, and will grow to maturity in fourteen days.

Pakapakas are basically mindless creatures, and cannot be controlled. They are very susceptible to flame based attacks, mundane or magical.

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