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The largest breed of alligator in Exonia, the razorgator is (thankfully) also one of the rarest breeds of alligators, usually only found in the depths of swamps large enough to sustain their mass.

A razorgator (male and female are indistinguishable, except to other razorgators) can reach seven meters in length, and weigh more than two thousand kilograms. Though similar in appearance to other species of alligators, there are some notable differences (other than size). Along their back, from between their eyes down to the tip of their tails, are sharp, tough, fin-like ridges, ranging from four to ten centimeters in height, which have been known to slice a wooden boat in half from below. The jaw of the razorgator, filled with unusually long teeth (for a species of alligator) produces one of the strongest bites in the Exonian animal kingdom, exceeding twenty-five thousand kilopascals.

Except for mating season, razorgators are extremely territorial, claiming hundreds of acres in a swamp as their own, and attacking any other razorgator that comes within their territory. During the spring, a swamp can be filled with the thrashing and roars of two male razorgators fighting. Or possibly a male and female razorgator mating. Again, something that is difficult for the non-razorgator ear to distinguish.

A female razorgator will lay two to three dozen eggs on land, sitting on them and warming them until they hatch.A newly hatched razorgator is relatively small, being able to fit in the hand of the average adventurer. However, if a razorgator can survive the first three years of its life, it will grow into the huge razorgator that is universally feared by all it encounters.

The razorgator will eat any creature it thinks it can handle, and it can handle quite a lot. It is a highly intelligent animal, and is highly resistant to any form of control spell, even those cast/used by powerful druids and dryads. The razorgator is very susceptible to cold based spells, but flame and lightning based spells seem only to annoy it. And, considering razorgators are very aggressive to begin with, that is saying something.

The razorgators primary attack modes are using its tail and its jaws, both of which are very powerful weapons. It can use its clawed feet as well, but these are more defensive, and rarely come into play. Its hide is very tough, being the equivalent of good chainmail.

A recently sated razorgator may allow adventurers to pass unmolested, but otherwise, if the razorgator detects the adventurers, it's going to attack the adventurers. Razorgators have poor eyesight, usually relying on their sense of smell above water, and their sense of hearing underneath the water, both of which are keen. On land, a razorgator can run up to speeds of fifteen kilometers an hour. In the water, a razorgator can swim up to thirty-five kilometers per hour.
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