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Human Understanding of Pixies

Standing roughly fifteen centimeters tall, pixies resemble tiny human beings (save for the wings on their backs), capable of flight, invisibility...and mischief. Quite a few misconceptions exist about pixies in Exonia, and more than a few academic treatises about the tiny beings are flat out wrong.

In the past, most human, non-druidic scholars assumed pixies were simple creatures, possessing either rudimentary intelligence or basic animal intelligence, and that their resemblance to human beings was superficial. Since only female pixies had ever been seen by reliable witnesses, most scholars had come to the conclusion that either pixies reproduced by parthenogenesis, or that differing sexual reproductive organs among pixies were too small to distinguish with the naked eye (or concealed until required). Since there wasn't much interest in pixies among scholars, not much thought was given to the matter.

Ironically, the epic poem "The Pixie Queen's Romance" (a copy of all six books exists in the  library of the Lolokosh guild) gets quite a bit right about pixies.

"The Pixie Queen's Romance" is a thinly veiled satire directed at an Exonian nobleman who had failed to give proper respect to a traveling bard visiting his halls. The first book in the poem starts with a Pixie Noble Lady, Munificent Applecups, seeing a human warrior for the first time, and falling in love with him. The human warrior, Lord Stumbling Does-It-All, is shown to be superficially handsome, but inept at everything he tries. Nevertheless, Lady Munificent Applecups attempts to excuse all his failings as she follows and spies on him, trying to convince herself that all Lord Stumbling Does-It-All's shortcomings are actually virtues.

The next five books of the poem expand on pixie society and eventually how Lady Munificent Applecups realizes her mistake and insteads falls in love with a minstrel named Indubitably Right-All-Along.

Pixie Society

As previously stated, many humans in Exonia had always assumed that all pixies were female, since only female pixies had ever been seen (at least seen by individuals considered reliable by scholars). In reality, the reason that only female pixies are seen has much to do with pixie society. On those few times that male pixies have been seen, it has almost always been to detriment of the observer.

In pixie society, female pixies are the scholars, the explorers and the artists, whereas male pixies are the protectors and the nurturers. When a child is born, she or he spends the first few years in the care of their father, and afterwards they are raised communally by the men of their village.

Starting in their adolescence, male pixies are raised in a martial tradition, and though the sight of a pixie hunting or war party might seem scoffable, many a human or large animal has learned too late that an armed group of pixies is not a laughable matter.

Male pixies learn how to craft armor and weapons from natural objects and can imbue them with magic, making them potentially deadly. Combining this with their ability to become invisible, and a tiny group of male pixies suddenly becomes a real threat.

Besides the obvious, there are numerous differences between male and female pixies. For example, although all pixies have the innate ability to turn invisible, female pixies have a more powerful and developed ability, able to remain invisible even against the dispelling and identification abilities of all but the most powerful of spellcasters. Male pixies, on the other hand, only use their invisibility ability to obtain an element of surprise, and see no need to hold it beyond that point.

Male pixies are able to digest both meat and plants, whereas female pixies, while able to digest cream and honey, can otherwise only digest plants.

Except for hunting and war parties, male pixies always remain in their villages, and actually become physically ill when removed from their villages for any reason other than hunting or attacking threats to their village. Female pixies, though, are very curious about the world about them, and there have been stories about them joining adventuring groups of elves, druids and bards.

Pixie Specifica

Pixies come in all type of colors, ranging from those variations seen in humans, to the colors of nature. In addition, pixie wings resemble those of butterflies, moth or dragonflies, and there have even been reports of pixies with bird wings, though this has never been verified.

Female pixies tend to dress a little bit more decoratively than their male counterparts, who dress strictly for purpose or utility. Complimenting a female pixie on her dress will get you ignored, unless she considers you a friend, in which case she will giggle and preen at the flattery. Complimenting a male pixie will get you a dismissive look, if not provoke an attack, as the male pixie may think you are patronizing him.

Pixies have a strong resistance to being magically charmed, or having their inherent magic countered or dispelled. In addition, all female pixies have an ability to create  at least minor illusions.

Pixie wings don't actually help the pixie to fly, but instead act as a natural magic focus that allows the pixie to magically fly. It's the bumblebee conundrum, magically explained away.

Pixies are a lot tougher than their diminutive and delicate appearance might make you think.

In the third book of the Epic poem, "The Pixie Queen's Romance," one of Munificent Applecups' friends, Lady Glossy Dandelion Stems, asks how Munificent can possibly be interested in Lord Stumbling Does-It-All. "Mages, Muses, Musicians and Mathematicians, these are the ones who get our wings a-fluttering," Lady Glossy Dandelion Stems observes. This is actually a reflection of female pixie interests. Pixie females are perhaps the world's greatest natural mathematicians. The patterns they draw in dew and frost are fractal in nature, and the greatest poems in the rich oral tradition of pixies are the ones whose verse and pattern reflect complex number sequences. In addition, the legends of female pixies who join adventuring parties always describe them as accomplished illusionists, or well versed bards.

The name "Tinkerbell" is considered derogatory in pixie society.

Pixie mischief is not an end in and of itself, and is only practiced by female pixies. Rather, it serves as a "screening" technique. If a female pixie thinks someone is interesting and might be worth interacting with, she will play a prank on them. If the person reacts negatively, she will give them a wide berth. If the reaction to the prank is more relaxed, then the pixe will be more inclined to look favorably on the person she pranked.

A group of female pixies have been known to play a series of pranks on someone they believe "has it coming." And simply because a prank is used for "screening" doesn't mean that a female pixie still doesn't enjoy pulling them.

Pixies are able to see anyone with an invisibility spell cast upon them, including each other.

Pixies reach adulthood at approximately twenty years of age, and live at least as long as elves, if not longer.

Pixie As Playable Character

(At present, a pixie is only available with staff approval)

All playable pixie characters must be female.

The only classes available to pixie characters are sorcerers, druids and bards.

The three guilds of pixies are --

Sisterhood of Light -- Sorcerers
Sisterhood of Leaf -- Druids
Sisterhood of Song -- Bards

The Sisterhoods use a ranking system that is identical to Alderworth Guild ranks, so their labels can be used.

Pixies cannot use spells that directly attack another creature, or allows them to transform to a creature that can directly attack another creature. Pixie sorcerers are especially adept with spells dealing with illusions and charm (marked M on the sorcerer spell page, and do not require material components to cast these particular spells.

Of the four skills that are available to characters, two must be Acrobatics and Nature

All pixie characters get a Faerie Dagger, an enchanted pixie sized dagger that gives the wielder a minor advantage in striking their opponent, and causes minor continuing damage relative the wielder's ability and experience. Pixie characters cannot wield any other weapon, nor can they use any other magic item. Also, pixie characters cannot wear armor of any sort.

All pixie characters can turn invisible, and can see other invisible pixies. In addition, the invisibility of a pixie character is difficult to dispel. Also, pixie characters have a high probability of being able to see other invisible creatures and are resistant to being Charmed.

In addition to their normal spells, all pixie characters may use the sorcerer cantrip Dancing Lights.

All pixie characters have the ability to Craft, that is, to make any item they wish out of natural objects (leaves, ivy, roots, etc.). In addition, all pixie characters have the ability to Mend any item they Craft.

Pixie Bards may not build or play a unique instrument that gives them bonuses.

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