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Giant Armadillo
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A denizen of the valley named after it, the giant armadillo is a giant only when compared to other armadillos, with a male of the subspecies often reaching the size of a small hog (approximately a meter in length, three quarters of a meter tall, and weighing two hundred and fifty kilograms on average). Its body is dark brown in color, with a lighter, yellowish band running along the sides, and a pale, yellow-white head, with around eighty to hundred teeth. Like its smaller cousins, the giant armadillo is often perceived as a nuisance to farmers, being in the habit of digging up furrowed land in search of insects and worms.

The giant armadillo has a life expectancy between fifteen to twenty years, though there are records of a giant armadillo living to twenty-three years in captivity. A female giant armadillo can become pregnant as often as once every three years. The gestation period of a female giant armadillo is four months, with the end result of the pregnancy being four to six pups. It takes an armadillo approximately two years to reach adulthood.

Although regular armadillos are solitary, nocturnal creatures, their giant cousins are semi-communal creatures, and there are even instances where a group of giant armadillos have taken over cave systems and became a communal organization.

The hides of adolescent giant armadillos are used in the making of the Alderlyre, an instrument made in the city of Alderworth

A chemical found exclusively in the golden mushroom is known to have a significant effect on the metabolism of giant armadillos. A steady diet of golden mushrooms can increase the size of an adult male giant armadillo to more than three and half meters in length, a meter in height, and more than four hundred and fifty kilograms in weight. In addition, a steady diet of golden mushrooms can increase the number of pups in a female giant armadillo's litter.

For the most part, giant armadillos, like their smaller cousins, are reclusive nocturnal animals, and are only dangerous if they are attacked, or if their lairs are invaded.
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