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To the south of Drirrilf Hills lie the Sutalter Plains, which received its name from the village of Sutalter just a few leagues south of Alderworth.

The village of Sutalter began its life as a small hamlet composed of settlers from Alderworth and elsewhere in Exonia. The little hamlet was originally composed of a tavern for the surrounding farmers, a building holding a shrine for the Silver Oath, and a small goods store started by a traveling merchant who was tired of traveling. At first, the settlement was called South of Alderworth, with its condensed name evolving over the years.

Now the village has grown and is thriving, thanks in no small part to its close vicinity to Alderworth, which provides a market for Sutalter's farm goods as well as a buffer between Sutalter and the Barren Tips. At harvesting and planting times, the marketing square is full of sellers and buyers. And year round, there are now a few extra permanent buildings, incling a blacksmith shop and a building holding the presence of the Brightlander Guild (the building is usually manned by only two persons, a clerk and a guard, except during planting and harvesting seasons).

The present sheriff of Sutalter is Econd Neo, a retired twenty year veteran of the Alderworth Guard, who has one deputy most of the year to keep the peace. Sutalter has a volunteer militia, most of whom take turns in aiding the sheriff during planting and harvesting season, when Sutalter is swamped with visitors.

To the west of Sutalter is a large forest, about which very little is known. There is at least one pixie village somewhere to the west of Sutalter, though its location is unknown.
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