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Paladins of Alderworth
« on: January 14, 2020, 03:00:18 AM »
Class Details

In our world, the paladin first appears in French literature, referring to the twelve foremost knights of Charlemagne's court, standing against the Saracen invasion of Europe. In the same way, the first paladins of Alderworth were twelve warriors, bloodied by the First Skervian War, who dedicated themselves to Tyr in order to defend their city against the undead threat. In the years that followed, this new order developed into two chapters that dealt with all the threats facing the city. More can be learned about this by reading the Order of Tyr.

Creating a paladin

A good deal of what you need to know about creating a paladin you can learn by reading the Order of Tyr. This includes what kind of background your character needs. In a nutshell, though, there are three types of paladin (so far) available in Exonia. One of them, the Vanguard Guard, is unplayable. So we'll discuss creating paladins the other two ways.

You can become a paladin of the Order of Tyr, in the Right Hand Chapter. This is described in the Order of Tyr. The end result is that your character starts of as a Silver Level paladin, with all the abilities listed further below. You can also become a paladin independent of the Order of Tyr. This requires that your character is at least a Silver Level fighter, and that your character goes through a series of quests. This is touched on in the Order of Tyr. The quests will be run by the Keeper and/or one of the Oracles.

So what does your character need as a paladin? If they're an Order of Tyr paladin, their chapter house will provide them with the basics: weapons, armor, shield, adventuring equipment...whatever basics the paladin needs to complete a quest.

But regardless of whether they are in the order or independent, all paladins dedicated to Tyr need a sword. This is, after all, the weapon seen on the banner on all buildings of the Order of Tyr. So a paladin of Tyr needs a sword. No axe, no hammer, no halbert, no exception.

As for the spells, the paladins only needs the symbol of his faith (in this case, the rune of Tyr) and (usually just) the ability to speak and gesture. No componental ingredients are needed.

The only specific skill required of a paladin is that of Animal Handling, and that only for a Right Hand paladin. A paladin gets their fifth skill on reaching Gold Level and, if they do not have Animal Handling by that point, Animal Handling will automatically be assigned to them. Although Intimidation is not required, there are certain paladin spells which get a boost from Intimidation.

Additional information

When creating the bio for the paladin, and you're not going to try to go through the independent route, remember how the Order of Tyr describes the type of young men and women they're recruiting for their ranks. And specifically, what kind of recruits the RIght Hand is looking for. And they will not accept anyone who doesn't fit the criteria described. Like the sword, there are no exceptions.

The kind of recruit the Right Hand is looking for are the ones who might be at the lower end of the class, but they never give up. Remember the movie "Rudy?" That's the type of character the Right Hand wants. Not the most talented, but the most driven. And the character will not be the one who joined the Order for vengeance, but rather he saw someone when he was young do the right thing, and decided he wanted to be like that. Again, just review the Order of Tyr, and use that for the basis of your creation of a Right Hand paladin.

If you decide to go the independent way, with more freedom in your bio and background, bear in mind that you will have to go through a number of quests, and these will take some time. So it's up to you on that point. And now, the specifics of the paladin class.
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Re: Paladin of Alderworth
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2020, 03:15:31 AM »

As explained in the Order of Tyr, the paladin begins at Silver Level. With each level, she gains certain inherent abilities, has access to certain equipment, and can take certain quests specific to her class and level. The paladin also gains the abilities to cast certain spells. She may only use each spell once per day, and must spend time each night in prayer and meditation to regain the use of each spell. Also, unless otherwise noted, all paladin spells are more effective against undead creatures. In addition, the effectiveness of an attack, defense, inherent power and magical spell is dependent on the level of the paladin and the target creature, object or spell, unless otherwise noted.


Oath of Tyr -- Members of the Order of Tyr, upon completing their training, are required to take the Oath of Tyr. It is from this Oath that all of a paladin's inherent powers and spellcasting abilities are derived from. Being released from this oath, or breaking this oath, automatically removes a paladin's ability to use these powers and spells. In addition, when a paladin breaks the Oath of Tyr, every member of the Order of Tyr gets a sense of where the paladin is, and that she has broken her oath

Rune of Tyr -- Members of the Right Hand wear a Rune of Tyr around their neck. The Rune allows them to know when the enchanted ram's horn in the possession of the Commandant of the Alderworth Guard is blown.

Armor and Weapons-- Members of the Vanguard Guard are given plate armor, shield and a sword (type of sword dependent on the welder's size), each with the rune of Tyr upon it (the left breastplate of the armor, the shield, and the hilt of the sword, respectively). The weapons and armour are brand new and custom made to the bearer's build. Members of the Right Hand get chain mail of some sort, a shield if they want one, and a sword of their choice. All of these will be in good shape, if somewhat worn by being used by past members of the Right Hand. In addition, Right Hand Paladins are allowed to use crossbows.

Detect Undead -- Every paladin has the ability to detect any undead within a kilometer, though the direction and distance of the undead will be vague, and can be blocked by more powerful undead with spellcasting capability. As the paladin moves up in levels, the ability to determine direction and distance becomes more precise, and the ability of more powerful undead to hide themselves diminishes.

Remove undead curses -- The paladin has a chance to remove the diseases and curses inflicted upon the paladin or his companions by the undead.

Fighting the undead -- Paladins  have better protection, and are more likely to strike and do increased damage, against the undead. In addition, the paladin is able to resist attacks of magic originating from the undead.

Undead immunity -- A paladin still under her oath cannot be turned into one of the undead.

At Silver Level, a paladin can pick three spells from the first three spells levels. She can pick one third, one second and one first level spell, two second level and one first level spell, or pick all three spells as first level spells.


Proficiency -- All paladins gain increased proficiency with the sword of their choice. Members of the Right Hand also gain increased proficiency with the crossbow.

Skill -- All paladins gain a fifth skill. In the case of a member of the Right Hand, if they do not possess Animal Handling, then the fifth skill must be Animal Handling.

Minor healing -- Paladins may heal minor wounds of a creature once per day.

Heartiness -- Paladins regain their health quicker when resting. In addition, they become immune to minor diseases.

When a paladin reaches Golden Level, a ceremony is held in their honor, at their chapter house, with the Viscount(ess) and High Priest(ess) in attendance, along with their Chapter Head and other dignitaries. The paladin in question renews their oath, at which point they are presented a sword with which they are most proficient (the sword is shiny with the Rune of Tyr on it for Vanguard Guards, plain but in good shape for Right Hand Members). The blade is created by the Clan Cileo Artificers, is practically indestructible, and grants the owner a better chance of a successful attack against an opponent, especially if that opponent is undead. In addition, the high priest(ess) will give the paladin being honored the opportunity to go on a group quest in order to gain another magical power for her sword.

A Right Hand paladin is also given a well trained warhorse and chainmail barding, the latter of which is in good shape, if worn looking. The Right Hand keeps a stable at its main chapter house for its members' use.

Upon reaching Gold Level, a paladin may now choose an additional spell from any of the five levels. Along with this, the paladin may "trade" one of her existing spells for a spell of an equal or lower level, or one level higher. However, she may not possess more than one fourth level spell.

Platium Level

Fervent battle -- The paladin can attack twice as fast with the type of sword that they are most proficient at

Major healing -- The paladin may heal major wounds once a day, and minor wounds twice a day.

Robust -- The paladin is now immune to major diseases, and resistant to poison.

Dispel curse -- The paladin may attempt to lift a curse from a creature once a day.

Purge -- The paladin may attempt to cure a creature of a disease or poison once a day.

The Head of the Chapter will present the paladin with an opportunity to go on another quest to acquire an additional power for the sword she received on the renewal of her oath at Gold Level.

Upon reaching Platium Level, a  paladin may now choose an additional spell from any of the first four levels. Along with this, the paladin may "trade" one of her existing spells for a spell of an equal or lower level, or one level higher. However, she may not possess more than two fourth level spells.

Diamant Level

Revive -- Once every three days, the paladin can restore a creature to full health, even if the creature is dead (although the creature cannot have been dead for more than ten minutes). In addition, the paladin may heal minor wounds three times a day, and major wounds two times a day.

Resilient -- The paladin becomes resistant to even the strongest of poisons.

Disperse the Undead -- Once every other day, the Paladin may invoke this power, affecting any undead creature within a twenty-five meter radius of the paladin . Any undead creature of a low level stature will be destroyed, of a medium level, damaged, and of a high level, stunned.

A celebration of the paladin's oath is held in the city's main temple, led by the high priest(ess), and attended by all the city's high level nobility and functionaries. The paladin is given the opportunity to go on a third and final quest to bestow yet another power upon her sword. In addition, a Right Hand paladin is given the opportunity to begin a quest to find a mystical mount, one which the high priestess will see in a vision. Assuming the mount won't consume the other horses, room will be found for it in the stables of the chapterhouse.

Depending on the circumstances, the head of the chapter house may (emphasis on may) decide to retire and give the paladin their position as head of the chapter. Conversely, depending on circumstances and if the paladin in question is a Right Hand, the head of her chapter may offer her the command of a new tower (not one of the three that watches the eastern, western and southern approaches to Aldernworth). This would give the paladin a residence of her own, a small band of Silver Level Paladins to man the tower, a small stable, a serving staff, and a stipend for upkeep of everything. This set up would allow the Paladin to continue her adventuring.

Upon reaching Diamant Level, a  paladin may now choose an additional spell from any of the five levels. Along with this, the paladin may "trade" one of her existing spells for a spell of an equal or lower level, or one level higher. However, she may not possess more than one fifth level spell.
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Re: Paladin of Alderworth
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2020, 03:34:09 AM »

1st Level

Command -- Issue a one word command to a single creature that the paladin can see. The effectiveness of the spell  is enhanced if the Paladin has Intimidation.

Communion -- Any meal (defined as food and water), no matter how foul, and feeding up to three creatures, is made wholesome and filling, and can dispel any lingering negative morale effects, such as fear, etc. The number of people who can be fed by this spell increases by two for every level gained.

Detect Magic -- Detect any objects or creatures in the vicinity that have been enchanted. Only the caster may see that the items or creatures have been enchanted.

Divine Wrath -- Imbues the paladin with attack and defense bonuses against one creature, until the creature or paladin are defeated, or flee combat. In addition, the creature sees the paladin surrounded by a bright light and, to the target creature, each action the paladin takes is accompanied by a cacophony of noise. This has a chance of instilling panic in the creature as long as the combat continues. This spell can be bolstered if the Paladin has Intimidation.

Light -- The Paladin causes a light to form around her sword, which can cast light as far as a regular lantern. The light also has a chance of dispelling undead creatures. The light lasts until it is exposed to direct sunlight, or twelve hours, whichever is shorter

Rally --The paladin can cast this on up to three creatures. In the next fight, the creatures gain attack and defense bonuses against their opponents.

Rearguard -- A realistic image of the paladin appears, and stands guard at any point the paladin sets her. The illusion will continue to appear real until it is touched, at which point it will vanish.

Steadfast --All allied creatures within five meters of the paladin become resistant to fear spells or effects.

2nd Level

Clarity -- Dispels any charm, hold or similar spells against the paladin and allied creatures within ten meters of the paladin

Locate Object -- Allows the paladin to locate an object that is known to her, either through past encounter or by description. The range the paladin can use this spell increases as her level does

Protection from Impurity -- Protects the paladin and her allies against poison and disease based damage during the next battle

Shield of Tyr -- Serves as extra protection for the paladin against magical attacks during the next battle

Speak Truth -- Forces the target creature to answer a paladin's questions honestly. Target creature may not attack the paladin or her allies, or try to flee, while the spell is in effect. Increased effectiveness if the paladin has Intimidation. The spell is broken if the target creature is attacked. Target creature has continuing chance of breaking the spell.

Sword of Tyr -- imbues a sword, other than the paladin's own, with the ability to do increased damage against an opponent during the next battle. Initially the paladin can cast this on one sword, but may do an additional sword in a casting for each level she gains

Ward of Tyr -- prevents unallied creatures from proceeding past the point where the Ward is placed. Dispelled as soon as an unallied creature is able to get past the ward

Weld -- Allows the paladin to mend non-magical weapons, shields and armor.

3rd Level

Daybreak -- A blinding white light appears from the paladin's sword, which has all the property of daylight, as far as the undead are concerned. Duration of the light depends on the level of the paladin, but it is short-lived, and can be dispelled by the paladin anytime she wishes

Dispel magic -- Allows the paladin to dispel any type of magic spell, such as magical barriers, etc.

Flame of Tyr -- The paladin's sword bursts into a magical flame, causing additional damage against opponents during the next battle. Beginning at Gold Level, the paladin may cast one fireball from his sword during the battle, the size of the fireball, and the damage it does, increasing with each level

Hand of Tyr -- The paladin's non-dominant hand disappears during the next battle, and only returns when the battle is over. However, during the next battle, the paladin does increased damage against the undead (along with other existing bonuses), as well as against canine opponents, and even has a small (increasing with each level) chance of killing/destroying their undead and canine opponents with a single strike

Repast -- Similar to Communion, save the substance for the meal does not have to start off as food and water

Ring of Tyr -- a sphere of magical energy appears around any target a paladin can see, including herself. For the duration of the next battle, any creatures within the sphere cannot be attacked either magically or physically, and creatures inside or outside of the sphere cannot enter or leave the sphere through any means. Spell lasts until the end of the battle, or until successfully dispelled magically by an opponent, whichever comes first. The sphere has a radius of three meters, and increases with the level of the paladin

Sanctioned Quest -- All members of a questing party gain the Paladin's ability "Fighting the Undead," and at her level, for the duration of the Quest. This spell must be cast at the beginning of the Quest, and will only affects the individual characters present at the beginning of the quest

Summon Hounds -- Two large, white glowing mastiffs appear at the beginning of the battle, attacking the most powerful foe present. The hounds remains until the battle is over, they destroy the foe in question, or they are killed. The hounds are particularly effective against the undead, but are otherwise identical to a pair of well trained attack mastiffs.

4th level

Dimensional rift -- The paladin can use their sword to "cut" a hole in the air, creating a door to another location, which one or two creatures can proceed through before it closes. At Gold Level, the rift will remain open for one minute, or until two creatures proceed through it, whichever comes first. The rift can only open up to somewhere that the paladin has been in the last eight hours, and within half a kilometer of where she is standing. At Platium Level, the rift can allow up to four creatures to pass through it. The rift will remain open for two minutes, or until four creatures proceed through it, whichever comes first. The rift can only open up to somewhere that the paladin has been in the last day, and within a kilometer of where she is standing. At Diamant level, the rift will allow up to eight creatures to pass through, and can stay open for four minutes, whichever comes first. The rift can only open up to somewhere that the paladin has been in the last week, and within two kilometers of where she is standing.  The only exception is that a Diamant paladin has a chance of opening a rift to her chapterhouse, the chance being dependent on how far away she is. The dimensional rift cannot be used to travel between different planes of existence, or to travel inside a plane of existence except for Exonia. The only exception to this is that a Diamant paladin has a small chance of using the spell to return from another dimension to her chapterhouse in Exonia.

Exorcise -- The paladin can force a being from another dimension to return back to their own plane of existence. This spell is especially effective against beings from Metiaxar.

Feast -- Identical to the spell Repast, except it serves twice as many people, cures minor diseases, serves as an antidote to minor poisons, and cures minor wounds

Judgment of Tyr --The paladin can cast this on (and thus locate) any being known to them as long as they are both on the same plane of existence. Any barrier spells that would impede the paladin from reaching the being are automatically dispelled. The paladin gains bonuses against the target creature, both in attacking and defending against both physical and magical attacks. The paladin cannot be charmed or put to sleep by the target creature. In the event the target creature is undead, there is a chance that any attack against the target creature will instantly destroy it. The spell lasts until either the paladin or target creature is killed, or until the quest the paladin is on has ended. Cannot be used on another paladin, even one who has broken his oath.

Summon Pack -- Four glowing, white mastiffs, the size of grown Barren Wolves, appear and attack any foes present, at the direction of the summoning paladin. The hounds remain until the battle is over, they destroy the foes in question, or they are dispatched. The hounds are particularly effective against the undead, but are otherwise identical to well trained giant mastiffs.

5th level

The following spells are referred to as Word of Tyr spells, and can only be used once per quest

Finality -- ALL creatures within a thirty meter radius of the paladin are hit by a wave of destructive power, instantly killing low level creatures, and wounding other creatures in proportion to their level with the caster

Life -- Resurrects a dead creature, restoring it to full health, as long as the creature has not been dead for more than a week

Quest -- The creature upon whom this spell is cast must obey a concise set of instructions given to it by the caster. Instructions cannot be directly suicidal (i.e., stop breathing, go this cliff and jump off into the ragged rocks, etc.), nor can it be instructions that the caster would find morally repugnant (you could say, "Go to this town, surrender yourself to the authorities, confess your crimes, give no resistance," but you couldn't say, "go to this town, assassinate the mayor, then rape, pillage and plunder for the next three days.")

Silence -- Only allied creatures within a fifteen meter radius of the paladin may attack or use spells. All others are stunned until the end of the battle. Only creatures the same or higher level as the caster may attempt to save against its effects
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Re: Paladins of Alderworth
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Approved as canon for the Exonia Foundation