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Sorcerers and Fighter/Sorcerers
« on: January 29, 2020, 11:32:51 AM »
    The Nature of Magic and Magicians

    "In the end, there is no magic" -- Milamber the Magician

    There is a mystique about sorcery which seems to imply that it either obeys no laws, or obeys a set of laws separate from those that govern other actions that occur in Exonia. The study of sorcery, in fact, involves understanding from where sorcery derives its power, and how it interacts with other forces present in Exonia. The power of sorcery derives from the interaction of the various planes of existence that are adjacent to, as well as superimposed upon, the world of Exonia. More information about these different planes of existence can be found under the topic "The Broken Planes."

    There are roughly two types of magic in Exonia. I say roughly, because magic does not easily delineate in Exonia. There is magic such as clerics and druids practice, which derives (mostly) from the planes of faith (for lack of a better word), and then there is sorcery, which derives from an understanding of the magic inherent in Exonia, as well as the planes juxtaposed with it.

    The latter type of magic can be divided further into three categories: that practiced by sorcerers (of which wizardry is a subset), that practiced by warlocks, and that practiced by dark magic users. This class description will be dealing with the first type of spellcaster, the sorcerer. However, some discussion about the other practitioners are in order.

    Sorcerers deal primarily with Vei Luba, which refers to both the study and practice of magic, as well as a plane of existence superimposed on the realm of Exonia. Dark magic focuses more on the interaction of Vei Luba with Metiaxar, a dark, grim mirror universe populated by diabolical entities. And whereas the componential requirements of sorcery spells are usually benign (though sometimes rare, particularly for more powerful spells), those used by dark sorcery require some type of life force sacrifice, with the more powerful spells often requiring another creature's death. It should be noted that, no matter how powerful a dark sorcerer becomes, interaction with Metiaxar is always dangerous, and invariably ends in disaster for the spellcaster, even if that end is postponed.

    The danger represented by the spellcraft of the warlock is perhaps more insidious. This is because it requires blood sacrifices for each spell, but not necessarily the life of the subject of the blood "donor." This is in line with Diophitia, the plane of existence that the warlock "taps into" to cast her spells. Diophitia is a dark, warm place from which magic seems to flow like blood.

    Because the compontial requirements of warlock spells can be satisfied by the blood of the spellcaster herself, some practitioners seem to think it is relatively harmless. And herein lies the danger. Each spell a warlock casts diminishes her a little (depending on the spell), to the point that she will eventually cease to exist all together, melding into the realm of Exonia. It is said that there is a quest a warlock can take to reverse the effects of the use of warlock spells, but the cost is "reverting back" to a normal sorcerer. The legend says the quest may only be taken once, and if the spellcaster ever attempts to use a warlock spell again, she is doomed.

    Another legend says that vampires are warlocks who have evolved into their cursed undead status as a way of staving off the inevitable self-destruction caused by the use of warlock magic. Whether this is true or not is unknown.

    Theoretically, anyone can practice magic in Exonia, in the same way anyone could play a shawm. But just like some people are naturally gifted at playing the shawm, some people are naturally gifted at magic. But no matter how gifted someone is at birth, they must have an instrument to play, otherwise, their talent is for naught.

    In the same way, a sorcerer requires a fully mature brain in order to perform her magic. Granted, a particularly gifted child might (emphasis on might) be able to perform very minor magic...perhaps a cantrip, or a first level spell...but these would be very, very limited in effect. And control of a brain of anything bigger than a single mouse or a lone insect would simply be out of the question. Even a talented adolescent would have limits on their ability, because their brain has not fully developed. No, in order for a sorcerer to come into her own as far as her magical ability is concerned, she must have a fully matured mind in order to cast her spells.

    Creating Sorcerers and Fighter/Sorcerers

    When creating the bio for your character, there are three types of playable sorcerers (so far) to choose from: the fighter/sorcerer, the "true" sorcerer and the hedgewitch. Each has unique qualities.

    First, there is the fighter/sorcerer. In this case, this is a character who wishes to pursue a career as a fighter, but also has an inherent magical ability. The fighter/sorcerer is not interested in the rigorous training needed to master her magical skills to their fullest. Her focus is to become the most capable fighter she can become. Instead, she wants to have enough control of her magical ability to ensure it does not appear at inopportune times. To this end, she learns the mechanics to a few spell. The end result is that, although the fighter/sorcerer is not constrained by the usual weapons and armor limitations of a normal sorcerer, she can only possess a small number of spells, and they will not be as powerful or as effective as the same spell cast by a normal sorcerer. The fighter/sorcerer may not progress her sorcery skills beyond the Bronze Level.

    The "true" sorcerer is the sorcerer who is guild trained and remains a member in good standing with that guild. The latter is important because it gives the sorcerer continuous access to "The Room." The Room in question is a simple interior room with no windows and only one door. The room has been enchanted and is routinely enchanted to allow it (and those inside it) to exist in more than three spatial dimensions. This allows the rooms occupant to meditate and adjust their minds, both on a neurological and quantum level, and thus increase their capacity for understand and practicing magic. Because The Room requires continuous enchanted adjustments by as cadre of sorcerers, it simply is not feasible to create and maintain such a room without a guild's resources.

    Theoretically, a sorcerer could become a wizard at Gold Level. The wizard class focuses on the study of the nature of magic itself, and is capable of creating spells both subtle and powerful. However, in order to do this, the wizard remains in her study and laboratory, preferring the world come to her rather than going out into it. Therefore, at this time, the wizard class is unplayable.

    Finally, there is the hedgewitch. The hedgewitch is a derogatory term that refers to any spellcaster who has not had guild training, or is no longer a member of a guild. It invokes the image of the village witch who, bolstered with the knowledge of a few simple spells, practices wholesale chicanery on hapless peasants. 

    In truth, some non-guild sorcerers are very well trained, and possess keen minds perfectly adept at practicing magic. But for some reason or other, they either chose not to join a guild, or were barred from training at or remaining a member of a guild. Hedgewitches may not progress beyond the Silver Level. In a situation where an individual does not have access to "The Room" and has progressed beyond Silver Level, they will eventually revert back to Silver Level, losing their ability to cast higher level spells, or retain more than six spells.

    Theoretically, a hedgewitch could become a Warlock, and thus progress beyond Silver Level. However, the Warlock is not a playable character at this time.

    Additional information

    After a sorcerer casts a spell, the sorcerer must take some time to rest and meditate before her mind is ready to cast that particular spell again.

    Sorcerers are not allowed to use armor of any kind, including padded. This is not only because the armor itself might restrain their limbs from necessary motions for casting a spell, but also the armor itself may contain materials that would counter the efficacy of a spell.

    Sorcerers may use knives, daggers, slings and staffs as weapons. Although sorcerers do not have to be proficient with the use of the staff, they are highly encouraged to do so, inasmuch as they gain certain benefits for doing so beginning at Gold Level.

    Although not required, the Skill 'Arcana' has certain beneficial uses to the "true" sorcerer, both in the effectiveness of certain spells, and certain "bonuses" available to the sorcerer when they advance from one level to the next.

    Spells are divided up into three categories:

    • Spells that deal with the nature of thought and magic -- Spells such as detect magic or dispel magic fall into this category. Sorcerers who possess the Arcana skill are more effective at these types of spells. These types of spells will be marked with a K.
    • Spells that deal with the nature of the world -- Spells that alter the physical appearance of an object, which include blast it to its atomic components. These type of spells will be marked with a P.
    • Spells that affect the mind -- This include illusions, charm and control spells. These type of spells will be marked with an M.

    For purposes of categorization, Cantrips can be defined as fitting in any of the above three categories.

    When a spell requires a material component, it will be listed with the spell description. Casting the spell destroys the material component.

    The effectiveness of a spell is dependent both on the level of the caster and the level of the target(s).


    Bronze Level -- the sorcerer may pick five spells from levels one and two, as well from the cantrips. One of these must be a cantrip, and only one of these may be a second level spell. The fighter/sorcerer may only pick three spells from the cantrips and first level spells, one of which must be a cantrip. The fighter/sorcerer may not evolve her sorcery skills above the Bronze level.

    Silver Level -- the sorcerer may pick an additional spell from levels one through three. The sorcerer (but not the hedgewitch) may also exchange one of her spells for another spell of equal or lower level, or one level higher. If she possesses the Arcana skill, she may do the same thing for a second spell, as long as the original spell and the new spell are of the same category. She may not, however, possess more than one third level spell. The hedgewitch may not evolve her skills beyond the Silver Level.

    Gold Level -- a sorcerer could theoretically "evolve" into a wizard, a warlock, or a dark sorcerer. However, none of these classes are available at this time.

    The sorcerer also gains a fifth skill.

    The sorcerer is invited to join an Order within the guild based upon the wood from which her staff is made (Order of the Oak, Order of the Yew, etc.). Her new order will give her an enchanted staff made from that wood, with the staff imbued with certain power(s) based on the wood from which the staff is made (type of woods and their respective enchantments listed in the next section). The staff will be basically indestructible. In addition, the sorcerer will be given the opportunity to lead a group quest to imbused an additional power on the staff.

    The sorcerer may pick an additional spell from levels one through four. She may also exchange one of her spells for another spell of equal or lower level, or one level higher. If she possesses the Arcana skill, she may do the same thing for a second spell, as long as the original spell and the new spell are of the same category. She may not, however, possess more than one fourth level spell.

    Platium Level -- the sorcerer is invited to lead a group quest to add an additional enchantment to her staff

    The sorcerer may pick an additional spell from levels one through five. She may also exchange one of her spells for another spell of equal or lower level, or one level higher. If she possesses the Arcana skill, she may do the same thing for a second spell, as long as the original spell and the new spell are of the same category. She may not, however, possess more than one fifth level spell.

    Diamant Level -- upon reaching the diamant level, one of several things might (emphasis on might) occur.

    The sorcerer might be given the opportunity to assume the leadership of her city's guild. Alternatively, she might be invited to assume the leadership of another city's guild, or even travel to a growing town and start a guild there. She could be asked to assume leadership of whatever Order she is a member of in her guild. Or she might be offered a tower residence of her own (either newly built or recently vacated), which would include a small library and laboratory, an observatory, a small staff, and a stipend to maintain it all.

    The sorcerer will also be invited to take a final quest to imbue her staff with another enchantment.

    The sorcerer may pick an additional spell from all six levels. She may also exchange one of her spells for another spell of equal or lower level, or one level higher. If she possesses the Arcana skill, she may do the same thing for a second spell, as long as the original spell and the new spell are of the same category. She may not, however, possess more than one sixth level spell.
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      Re: Sorcerers and Fighter/Sorcerers
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      Blade Ward -- A magic ward shields you against damage from weapons such as swords, knives, and arrows for a few seconds.

      Booming Blade -- The target sword is charged with energy, which is released as a deafening clap of thunder when it hits its target.

      Chill Touch -- You summon a ghostly hand, which touches the back of your target’s neck. Your target is magically injured by Death itself, and becomes aware of their upcoming demise.

      Control Flames -- Name says it all. Non-magical fire and smoke is reshaped as you see fit, changing in size, brightness, or colour, and can even change shape to look like things.

      Dancing Lights -- Manifest up to three light sources, the size and illumination of torches or lanterns. You can move them telekinetically for a short time.

      Ectoplasmic Elephants -- A phantom herd of transparent elephants appear at any point within sight of the caster, and begin stampeding toward the caster. The elephants trumpet, the ground shakes, but the elephants themselves are strictly illusory, and will disappear when they get within ten feet/three meters of the caster.

      Gust -- Telekinetically control the wind on a small, very localized scale. You can push one person or object, or make harmless sensory effects, such as rustling leaves or slamming doors. Stronger magic users can control the wind more forcefully.

      Harrying Hound -- A small dog (less than five pounds/two and a quarter kilograms in mass) appears at the feet of the target. The small dog will bark and nip at the target's feet and ankles until struck, at which point it disappears. The dog is extremely nimble.

      Infestation -- You cause a cloud of minuscule insects to manifest and attack your target, who becomes injured and distracted as he or she tries to get the insects off.

      Jam -- The spell causes the targeted object to become stuck or seized up, as long as it is within sight of the caster. Target can be a sword being drawn from its scabbard, a lock trying to be opened, etc.

      Knave -- The target is forced to make an honest, licentious comment about one of her companions. The target must be within sight of the caster. The spell only has a somatic element, so the caster has a chance of casting the spell undetected.

      Light -- You cause one object that you can carry to glow brightly. The object becomes usable as a lantern until the spell ends. Objects usually glow for about an hour, but stronger spellcasters can make it last longer.

      Mage Hand -- A ghostly hand manifests, which you can control as if it were your own to manipulate objects or the environment. Useful to handle things out of your reach, or when you need a third hand.

      Mending -- Physically repair damaged objects through magic

      Message -- Magically deliver a message to another person, as if psychically. The person can reply to you once using the same magical route.

      Minor Illusion -- Conjure an illusory image of whatever you desire. The image can move and speak. It lasts only a minute at most. The image looks and sounds very realistic, but it cannot be touched, and anyone who touches it will know right away it is fake.

      Mold Earth -- Telekinetically control the ground on a small, very localized scale. You can manipulate a relatively small amount of dirt or stone (perhaps a cubic meter), including changing its shape and colour.

      Prestidigitation -- Minor magical tricks. Harmless sensory effects a faint sound or puff of air. Lighting or snuffing a candle. Cleaning or soiling a garment. Manifesting an extremely small illusion (palm of your hand). Make a mark or symbol appear on an object temporarily.

      Shape Water -- Telekinetically control water on a small, very localized scale. You can manipulate a relatively small amount of water or mist (perhaps a cubic meter), including changing its shape, colour, and temperature.

      Shocking Grasp -- A weak burst of electricity flows from your hand into someone or something you are touching, shocking them.

      Sword Burst -- A ring of magical energy springs forth from your body outward, traveling about two meters. Anyone hit by that ring is impacted as if by a sword.

      True Strike -- Magically, you are able to divine the exact best place to strike your foe (joints between armor plates, particularly sensitive body parts, etc.) That does not mean you will necessarily hit those weak spots, but you can sense where they are.

      Undo -- The spell causes the targeted knots, buttons or other minor fasteners (i.e., not locks, armor fastening, etc.) to become undone, as long as they are within sight of the caster. The spell only has a somatic element, so the caster has a chance of casting the spell undetected.

      1st Level

      Acid Splash  -- (P) -- A bubble of acid the size of an apple is conjured into your open hand. You are immune to its effects. You throw it, and it injures all creatures within five feet/one and a half meters of where it lands. (Material component is small piece of blue paper)

      Catapult -- (P) -- Throw a light object almost straight up in the air with a magical precision. It can damage or injure whatever or whoever it lands on.

      Chaos Bolt -- (P) -- A wave of pure chaotic magic comes from your hand and hits your target. Exactly what your target feels (fire, freezing cold, acid, lightning, deafening sound, poison, or psychic horror) is entirely random.

      Colour Spray -- (P) -- Extremely bright light shifting across all colours manifests out of the palm of your hand towards a group of targets. Anyone facing the light source and within five meters is temporarily blinded. (Material component is a piece of quartz)

      Comprehend Languages -- (K) -- You can understand any spoken or written language you hear or read. If you have the Arcana skill, you can also speak these other languages, and have the chance to decode hidden meanings.

      Detect Magic -- (K) -- Sense the presence of magic nearby. Detect any objects or creatures in the vicinity that have been enchanted. The stronger the spellcaster, the further away the magic can be detected. The precise nature of the magic is hard to discern. Only the spellcaster may see that the items or creatures have been enchanted. Possession of the Arcana skill enhances this spell.

      Disguise Self -- (M) --A magical illusion makes you appear different from how you really look. The illusion does not affect touch. (Material component is a piece of hair, other than the caster's)

      Earth Tremor -- (P) -- Cause the ground to magically tremor within a localized area, knocking opponents off balance. (Material component is a few grains of sands)

      Expeditious Retreat -- (P) -- When you are stuck fighting someone stronger than you and you need to get away fast, this spell permits you magical bursts of speed away from your foe. (Material component is a hair from a horse tail)

      Feather Fall -- (P) -- When you’re falling, magically slow your descent. You are not hurt when you land. You can also cast this on others.

      Fire Bolt -- (P) -- A small ball of magical fire manifests in your hand. You are immune to its heat. It can be thrown at your enemy. (Material component is a small pinch of sulfur)

      Fog Cloud -- (P) -- Generate fog in a sphere about five meters in radius. Stronger spellcasters can make the sphere wider. (Material component is a cotton seed)l

      Frostbite -- (P) -- An extremely cold frost grows across a person or creature of your choosing, which is painful and paralyzing. (Material component is a few drops of water)

      Growl -- (M) -- Target hears a low, preternatural growl that induces panic (Material component is hair of the dog).

      Halo -- (P) -- Creates a ring around the caster that repels undead creatures, as well as beings from other planes. At higher levels, the caster can include other individuals inside the ring, and have a better chance of repelling more powerful creatures. (Material component is a ring. The more precious the metal the ring is made of, and the purer the metal is, the more effective the spell will be)

      Ice Knife -- (P) -- Manifest a large icicle and throw it at your target. If you hit them, the ice injures them like a spear and then explodes, sending shards in all directions. (Material component is a shard of glass)

      Jump -- (P) -- Leap supernaturally high.

      Know Potion -- (K) -- Caster can discern the purpose of a single potion. As the caster becomes more experienced (i.e., increases in level), she can discern the strength and type of multiple potions in the immediate vicinity. Having the Arcana skill allows the caster to cast an enhanced version of this spell.

      Lightning -- (P) -- Cause lightning to strike your target, grievously injuring them. As spellcaster get stronger, the lightning also gets more intense. (Material component is a small piece of copper)

      Mage Armor -- (P) -- Manifest a suit of armor over yourself or someone you wish to protect. It is as effective as a suit of plate armor. (Material component is a small piece of steel)

      Magic Missile -- (P) -- A glowing ball of magical energy manifests from your hand and can be telekinetically guided to your target, hitting them with as much force as a blunted thrown lance. (Material component is a small piece of an arrow shaft)

      Poison Spray -- (P) -- A noxious gas exudes from your hand towards your target, which burns and poisons them. (Material component is dried algae)

      Ray of Frost -- (P) -- A beam of pure cold fires from the palm of your hand towards your target, causing intense pain. (Material component is a piece of lace)

      Shield -- (P) -- A shimmering but mostly transparent energy field manifests around you or someone you choose. This shield will blunt a few hits from enemy weapons until it shatters. (Material component is a piece of pottery)

      Witch Bolt -- (P) -- A bolt of lightning flies out from your hand towards your target. The bolt electrocutes them. Duration and strength of the bolt depends on the level of the caster, with a high level caster being able to sustain the bolt until a lower level target is dead (Material component is a miniature (palm sized) lightning conductor, crafted in great detail)

      2nd Level

      Alter Self -- (P) -- Physically change your form. This can mean changing your appearance to that of another person, adapting yourself for aquatic life (gills, webbed hands), or growing claws, fangs, spines, horns, or other weapons found commonly in nature. (Material component is a small seashell)

      Blindness-- (M) -- Magically cause your target to go temporarily blind.

      Blur -- (M) -- An illusion surrounds you, blurring your appearance. Creatures attacking you have a hard time seeing exactly where you are. (Magic component is a piece of colored glass)

      Burning Hands -- (P) -- Flames shoot from your hands, burning objects, creatures, or people in front of you. As you improve in strength in magic, the length of these flames can increase. (Material component is a pinch of sodium bicarbonate)

      Darkness -- (P) -- A magical darkness temporarily fills a space, canceling all non-magical light within it. No one can see within an area covered by the Darkness spell, even those whose eyes are adapted to low light conditions (such as nocturnal animals and Ithiris). (Magical component is a lump of coal)

      Darkvision -- (P) -- You can bestow on yourself or another person or animal the ability to see in the dark. They still cannot see in an area blackened by the spell Darkness. (Magical component is a sliver of carrot)

      Deafness -- (M) -- Magically cause your target to go temporarily deaf.

      Detect Thoughts -- (K) --  You temporarily become telepathic, though extremely smart creatures may resist your ability to sense their thoughts. Possession of the skill Arcana increases the ability of the caster to overcome this resistance (Magical component is a piece of wax)

      Dust Devil -- (P) -- Conjure a creature made from earth and dust, who will obey your commands and attack your enemies. The earth and dust will dissipate after a very short while. Strong magic users may generate Dust Devils that last longer, though they are never permanent. (Magical component is a pinch of dust)

      Earthbind -- (P) -- Tendrils of earth lance up from the ground and bind creatures to the ground. They can still move along the ground, but cannot fly or climb (Magical component is a clump of mud)

      Enhance Ability -- (K) -- For about an hour, a creature of your choosing is suffused with magical energy. It may improve their ability to endure difficult experiences, strengthen their muscles, enhance their reflexes, or open their minds to new ideas. Duration and impact of this spell increases as the sorcerer gains levels, and/or if the sorcerer has the Arcana skill

      Funhouse -- (M) -- Target believes she is surrounded by a dozen images of the caster, forming a circle around her. Any attack from the caster, though not duplicated, will be experienced as if it were coming from all the images (again, the attack and damage are not actually duplicated, but feel that way to the target). In addition, the image of the caster is the most terrifying version the target can imagine, and can induce panic (Material component is a piece of a mirror, intentionally warped).

      Hold Person  -- (M) -- Paralyze another person for up to one to three minutes, depending on the level of the sorcerer (Material component is a piece of dried glue)

      Invisibility  -- (P) --  You bestow on yourself or another creature temporary invisibility. This includes their clothes and anything they are holding/carrying. The invisibility wears off from one to three hours, depending on the level of the caster (Material component is a small prism)

      Knock -- (K) -- You magically disrupt the force holding together a lock or latch, even a magical one. The disruption is loud and can be heard from very far away (Material component is a small piece of brass)

      Know Spell -- (K) -- After the spell is cast, once per day, for the duration of the current Quest, the spellcaster may exchange ONE spell she knows with ANY spell of the same level. A sorcerer with the skill 'Arcana' can exchange ONE spell she knows for ANY spell of any level, up to and including the level of spells her level as a sorcerer would allow her to learn. This spell can only be cast once per Quest, and cannot be the spell that is substituted for. In addition, this spell cannot circumvent use restrictions of the new spell, i.e., if the spell can only be used once per day, quest, etc, the restriction will remain in place. (Material component is a small pot of ink).

      Levitate  -- (P) -- Suspend a creature or object in the air. You can telekinetically move them up, down, or horizontally. They cannot move themselves unless they can reach a wall, tree, pole, etc. When the spell ends, the levitated person/animal/object floats gently to the ground, regardless of height. Spell lasts from one to three hours, depending on the level of the caster, though the caster may dispel it at any time prior to that. (Material component is a hummingbird feather)

      Misty Step -- (P) -- Sorcerer can teleport from three to fifteen meters away, depending on the level of the spellcaster. Sorcerer must be wearing shoes or boots, and they must be dry. Footwear will be soaked after the spell is cast.

      Phantasmal Force -- (M) -- Create in the mind of your target an image they are convinced is real. If the image is of something that could injure them (e.g. a creature attacking them, a fire, or some other hazard), they can be hurt by it as if it were real. Extremely smart creatures can sometimes break the spell. A pixie sorceress can cast this spell to frighten or lure another creature away, but not to directly harm it. However, her spell will be harder to resist than that cast by a non-pixie.

      See Invisibility -- (K) -- Invisible creatures and objects are visible to you. The spell can be used better by sorcerers with the skill Arcana and/or who are higher level

      Shatter -- (P) -- Manifest a painful, deafening noise, which injures anyone within ten meters. The effect can be heard up to a kilometer away. You are immune to the loud sound. Depending on its intensity (i.e,, the level of the spellcaster), the sound may shatter glass or crack stone. (Material component required is part of a ram's horn)

      Shrink -- (P) -- An insidious attack spell where the target, but not her possessions (including armor she is wearing, etc.), is shrunk. A bronze level sorcerer could reduce a target to ninety percent of her original size for half an hour. A diamant level sorcerer could reduce a target to ten percent of her original size for four hours, and even has a chance of making the change permanent, i.e., the target does not revert to her normal size after four hours. (Material component is stick with notches at regular intervals cut into it.

      Suggestion -- (M) -- Magically compel a creature to do something contrary to its own wishes. It will not harm itself, but it can reasonably be expected to do what you ask of it. (Material component is a drop of perfume).

      Thunderwave -- (P) -- A small storm of thunder and lightning manifests directly in front of you, deafening and electrocuting anyone you are facing within five meters. The storm size and intensity increases with the strength of the sorcerer  (Material component is a silver flake)

      Warding Wind  -- (P) -- A strong wind blows around you like a tornado, with you in the centre. You are immune to its effects, as it moves with you. Creatures near enough to feel the wind are buffeted, deafened, and have a hard time hitting you. The wind can also put out flames and disperse clouds (fog, poison gas, etc.) (Material component is a piece of straw)
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      Re: Sorcerers and Fighter/Sorcerers
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      3rd Level

      Counterspell -- (K) --  Sorcerer prevents another spellcaster from casting a spell. If the spell that was interrupted was a malignant spell aimed at the sorcerer or her allies, there is a chance that the effects of the spell  will be inflicted upon the targeted spellcaster. Spell is more effective if cast by a sorcerer with the Arcana skill and/or of a higher level than the targeted spellcaster. 

      Dancing Blade -- (P) -- A floating long sword appears, which will attack the target until the target flees or dies, or the sorcerer who casts it flees or dies. The sword cannot be damaged physically, only by magic. When the Sorcerer reaches Platium level, a second sword appears, which can be assigned to the same or different target than the first. The swords fight even if the sorcerer is paying no attention to them. (Material component is a palm sized miniature sword).

      Dispel Magic -- (K) -- Sorcerer negates an enchantment that the spell is cast at. Spell is more effective if cast by a sorcerer with the Arcana skill and/or of a higher level

      Ethereal Electrical Eel -- (P) --  A small, floating, transparent eel appears, attacking the targeted creature with electrical attacks until it is magically dispelled or until the battle is over. As the sorcerer gains levels, an additional eel will appear for each level. (Material component is an eel's eye)

      Expulsion -- (K) -- Banish beings from other planes back to their home dimension. This spell is more effective against more powerful extra-dimensional beings if the sorcerer is of a higher level and/or if they possess the skill Arcana

      Fireball -- (P) -- A bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within fifteen meters, then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of flame.The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried. Sorcerers at higher levels have a longer range, with a more powerful fireball (Material component is calf's foot jelly)

      Fly -- (P) -- Allows the sorcerer to fly for up to an hour. As the sorcerer grows in levels, she can fly for longer, and cast the spell on more people than just herself. (Material component is any piece of cloth worn by a pixie)

      Lesser Conjure -- (K) -- This spell may only be attempted by sorcerers who possess the Arcana skill,. The spell attempts to bring a less powerful creature from the Metiaxar plane, bind it to do the sorcerer's bidding, and then return the creature back to the Metiaxar once the sorceror is done with it. There is a danger with this spell, as it may accidentally summon a creature more powerful than the sorcerer was expecting, or the creature in question will hold a grudge against the summoner, unless it is suitably rewarded for its services. No matter what the summoned creature asks, rewards for its service may only be treasure or already dead creatures, and never the life or blood of a living being specifically given to the summoned being. Anything else, and the spellcaster would risk becoming a warlock or a dark sorcerer. The spell may only be cast once per quest. In addition, the summoner stands a small chance of censure from her guild, unless she seeks approval before hand.  (Material component is chalk that has been blessed by a cleric of the Silver Oath. The chalk will be used to draw geometric shapes and letterings)

      Milamber's Magnificent Magical Minion -- (K) -- This spell can only be used once per Quest and, in some cases, it is the quest. When first cast, it will create a quest that the sorcerer casting the spell can go on to find a unique, magical familiar consumate to her level as a sorcerer (the type of familiar will be agreed upon by the spellcaster and the Oracle/Keeper running the quest). Thereafter, if anything happens to the minion, even death, the sorcerer may cast this spell to totally revive and restore the minion to good health. And with each new level the sorcerer gains, she may cast this spell either to enhance her existing minion, or make it disappear and go on a quest for a new and presumably better minion. Note: This spell may not be exchanged for another spell through the use of the 2nd level spell "Know Spell." In addition, if the sorcerer decides to "trade in" this spell for another when they reach a new level, the minion immediately disappears. (Material component is the hair from a cat's tail)

      Misty Form -- (P) -- Sorcerer can turn herself or a willing targeted creature into a misty form for about ten minutes, allowing her to move through cracks, etc. As the sorcerer increases in level, she can use this spell on more than one target, and have the spell last longer (Material component is a few drops of water)

      Paranoia -- (M) -- Spell convinces the target that everyone around her is an enemy, making her strike out at everyone, regardless (Material component is bat guano)

      Protection from Energy -- (K) -- Provides the spellcaster protection from all flame and electrical based attacks, including magical ones. More effective for sorcerers who are higher levels and/or possess the skill Arcana. (Material component is any blue-green polished stone)

      Sidestep  -- (K) -- Sorcerer "slides" into a benign spot in Yggdrasill, remaining there for half a minute. The sorcerer can stay longer than thirty seconds when she is higher level and/or if she possesses the skill Arcana

      Spiral -- (M) -- a spiral curve appears in the air, drawing the complete and undivided attention of any creature not allied to the sorcerer who casts the spell. Attacking a creature entranced by the spiral automatically breaks them out of their trance (Material component is a piece of string with something shiny attached to it)

      Terror -- (M) -- Creates a terrifying image in the target's mind, causing them to either flee or freeze. Initially can only be cast on up to five individuals, but higher level sorcerers can cast it on larger groups. (Material component is a tooth of a canine).

      Watch   -- (K) -- Allows the sorcerer to see and hear what is happening in a place she has recently been, or is very near to a place to where she is currently (i.e., behind a door, on the other side of the wall, etc.) The spell last for ten minutes, or until the concentration of the sorcerer is broken, whichever comes first. The spell can be maintained longer, and runs less of a chance of being detected, if the sorcerer is of a higher level and/or has the skill Arcana. (Material component is one of the caster's own eyelashes)

      Water Manipulation -- (P) -- The spellcaster can breathe underwater, swim like a fish, is immune to the pressure of deep water and even walk upon water, if they so choose. In addition, the spellcaster can control large amounts of water to do with whatever she wishes, including form walls, whirlpools, water spouts, etc. The spell of a Silver Level sorcerer will only last for an hour or so, and only control relatively small amounts of water (say, the equivalent of an Olympic sized pool). A Diamant level sorcerer can maintain this spell for a day and move considerably larger amounts of water, and even control sea creatures with animal intelligence (Material component: a finely crafted miniature golden trident).

      Volcano -- (P) -- Causes a small (no higher than three meters) but highly volatile volcano to appear within fifty meters of the caster. The volcano spews rocks and lava for the next fifteen minutes, potentially injuring or killing anyone within range (Material component is an igneous rock).

      4th Level

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