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« on: January 13, 2020, 07:30:00 AM »
Class Details

Mastering the basic methods of craft is the first true step to progress, the invention of new methods and approaches. Some artificer is engineers, students of invention and warfare who craft deadly firearms that they can augment with magic. Other artificers are an alchemist. Using their knowledge of magic and various exotic ingredients, they create potions and draughts to aid them in their adventures. Alchemy and engineering are the two most common areas of study for artificers, but others do exist. All artificers are united by their curiosity and inventive nature. To an artificer, magic is an evolving art with a leading edge of discovery and mastery that pushes further ahead with each passing year. But the world of Exonia is but at the brink of steam engineering and combining magic with tools is frown upon, except in the dwarven kingdom there it is quite leading. In Alderworth Marblevale Academy, they give the artificers classes but other students and even teachers look down upon them. It is then not strange that peasants of the low class can be found in these classes.

Creating Artificer

There is no real guild for the artificers that specifically aim at their craftmanship. While you would think that it is, due that the viscountess encourages all to join a guild and if not present make one, policy. But because the community, in general, looks down upon them, they would find themselves unwanted and with a small community and their rival behavior to each other, it is rather uncommon to see them work together. So to speak, they are free to go and stand where they want and practice whatever craft they wish to follow, they are provided a bed at the Marblevale Academy if needed and can get a quest if they desire so.

Artificers use the magic from the Vei Luba plane and have the knowledge to craft that magic into their tools with the help of crystals that are mined in rich mountain areas. In this case, the Barren Tips are a rich mineral area where most crystals are mined. There are various types of crystals and artificers tend to classify them in the colors they have.

Power Crystals
  • Red (Extreme Rare) - Able to contain and use Ceodderus magic
  • Orange (Rare) - Able to contain and use Metiaxar or Diophitia magic
  • Green (Less Common) - Able to contain and use Illiarhia magic
  • Blue (Common) - Able to contain and use Vei Luba magic
  • Purple (Legend) - Unknown source of magic, only books speak of it

All artificers require to go towards the Marblevale Guild academy to be able to control their magic flow and use it to blend/combine it with tools. They require also to go to the academy to understand the working of the crystals, no exception. Does your character come from a different city, land or even continent, speak with the staff about it first. When the academy is done, you start at Bronze level and your character requires to go through a series of quests to upgrade your level or in Exonia your rank.

The equipment for an artificer can be a war-hammer, a sword, a bow (if taken proper training) and an axe. The use of small weaponry is not really your strength in combat, however, a knife handling can be useful in crafting. You will be gifted a Marblevale robe, medium armor and crafting tools that you made yourself at the academy. Make your own tools? Yes, the ways of the academy teach that making your own tools for craftmanship is made to be handled by you and you alone.

The artificer uses the Rune of Eulonith that is blessed to perform and use the spells. The spells are done in with ingredients, gestures, and words.

Additional information

The artificers' drive to invent and expand their knowledge creates an intense drive to uncover new magic discoveries. An artificer who hears news of a newly discovered magic item must act fast to get it before any rivals do. Good-aligned artificers recover items on adventures or offer gold or wonderous items to those possessing items they are keen to own. The evil ones have no problem committing crimes to get what they want.

This can be about little things that the class unique makes, how does this class fit into Exonia. Think about symbols, rituals or events that a player can use.
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Re: Artificer
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The Artificer begins at the bronze level. With each level, she gains certain inherent abilities, has access to certain equipment, and can take certain quests specific to her class and level. In addition, she can pick a certain number and level of spells for each quest she partakes in, and these spells can change from quest to quest. She may only use each spell once per day and must spend time each night in prayer and meditation to regain the use of each spell.

Bronze level

Rune of Eulonith -- Artificer that finish their training are able to receive the Rune of Eulonith, it is blessed by a Grand Priest. They can pin it to their rope or use it as a necklace.

Armor and Weapons -- When being an Artificer you are able to use a war-hammer, a sword, a bow (if taken proper training) and an ax. They got Marblevale robe, medium armor and crafting tools that you made yourself at the academy.

Create bonfire -- You are trained to create a bonfire on the ground with the required ingredients (most common, wood). Keep in mind that a bonfire ignites flammable objects in its area that aren't worn or carried. 

Resistance -- You are able to make your fellow members resistance to a certain element. For example, you are resistant to poison or against cold. Do not that you require to touch the person, that you require elemental runes. Elemental runes can be bought at a magic store. You can only use one resistance element and require to take a meditation or rest for a day.

Light -- A way to create light with the help of magic. Your staff will shed bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet. The light can be colored if you desire so. The light can't penetrate any solid objects and ends after 10 minutes.

Message -- You learned the skill to use magic to deliver your message to a person in range (you require to see that person). Looking at the person for at least 5 seconds is required to send the message. The person will hear a whisper stating the message.

Acid splash -- You learned this from Marblevale Guild. This skill lets transform water in a bottle to acid and when you hit the target it does minimal damage.

Silver Level

Alarm -- You learned the skill to use wires as magical alarms for unwanted intrusions. You can wire anything within a 20-foot cube range. A mental alarm alerts you with a ping in your mind if you are within 1 mile of the warded area. This ping will awaken you if you are sleeping. 

Absorb Elements -- The technic requires to be taught to you at the Marblevale Academy, but basically you capture some of the incoming energy, lessening its effects on you and storing it for your next melee attack. 

Dungeoneering -- You can detect easy secret doors and triggers, see traps, and collect artifacts.

Come and Get it -- You learn from the Sunbrawlers a technic that they don't really use. Threaten nearby enemies, placing yourself at the top of their threat list.

Crafting hands -- You have increased your crafting skills, you are now able to craft with Green crystals, yet its still a chance of 50/50 that your craft fails. Blue crystal crafting got a 75% success.

Gold level

Crafting hands -- You have increased your crafting skills, Green crystal crafting got a 75% success. Blue crystal crafting got a 100% success.

Sure slam -- Sure slam delivers a fourfold attack to the enemy, dealing physical damage each hit with your weapon. Learned at Sunbrawlers.

Take Down -- Deal physical damage to the target enemy, if performed correctly the target might get stunned. Learned at Sunbrawlers.

Superior Attunement -- Your understanding of magic items allows you to master their use. You can now attune to up to four, rather than three, magic items at a time. You can also access to the library of Brightlanders Guild.

Platinum level

Crafting hands -- You have increased your crafting skills, you are now able to craft with Orange crystals, yet its still a chance of 75% that your craft fails. Blue and Green crystals crafting got a 100% success.

Mechanical Servant -- Your research and mastery fo your craft allows you to produce a mechanical servant The servant is a construct that obeys your commands without hesitation and functions in combat to protect you. Though magic fuels its creation, the servant is not magical. You are assumed to have been working on the servant for quite some time.

You can specialize yourself in two categories now, choose one if desired:
Alchemist - An alchemist is an expert at combining exotic reagents to produce a variety of materials, from healing draughts that can mend a wound in moments to clinging goo that slows creaturs down.
- Healing Draught -- Able to create a healing liquid. If a person drinks this, his or her health is recovered by healing most minor and medium wounds.
Gunsmith - A master of engineering, you forge a firearm powered by a combination of science and magic.
- Thunder Cannon -- You forge (one kind only based on a blue crystal) using a combination of arcane magic and your knowledge of engineering and metallurgy. This firearm is called among the artificers a Thunder Cannon. It is a ferocious weapon that fires leaden bullets that can punch through armor with ease. The firearm is a two-handed ranged weapon and requires to be reloaded every shot.

Diament level

Crafting hands -- You have increased your crafting skills, you are now able to craft with Orange crystals, yet its still a chance of 50% that your craft fails. Blue and Green crystals crafting got a 100% success. You start the understand the working of Red crystals.

Smoke stick -- You learn to create a stick that produces a thick plume of smoke. The area in a 10-foot radius around the stick is filled with thick smoke that blocks vision, including the skill dark vision. Exclusive Alchemist skill.

Tanglefoot -- You can create a jar with writhing, sticky black tar and hurl it at the point on the ground within 30 feet of you. The jar will burst on impact and covers the ground in a 5-foot radius with sticky goo. Exclusive Alchemist skill.

Blast Wave -- You have learned to channel force energy into your Thunder Cannon and when fired it unleashes a force of energy in a 15-foot cone from the gun. The weapon does require cooldown after being shot for at least 3 minutes, if used within that time it will most likely explode. Exclusive Gunsmit skill.

Explosive Round -- You launch an explosive round from the gun. The round detonates in a 30-foot radius sphere at a point within range. After the shot is fired, the gun requires to be reloaded. Keep in mind that these rounds are limited to 4 rounds, also you are a walking target as the enemy might hit it and you ...well need a medic. Exclusive Gunsmit skill.


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Re: Artificer
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  • Dancing Lights - Manifest up to three light sources, the size and illumination of torches or lanterns. You can move them telekinetically for a short time.
  • Fire Bolt - A small ball of magical fire manifests in your hand. You are immune to its heat. It can be thrown at your enemy.
  • Guidance - Whether from the gods or nature or some magical artifact, you feel a sudden burst of inspiration. You know the best thing to do next.
  • Mage Hand - A ghostly hand manifests, which you can control as if it were your own to manipulate objects or the environment. Useful to handle things out of your reach, or when you need a third hand.
  • Mage Stone - Imbue a few small pebbles with magic. Still light to you, they can be thrown at enemies and impact them with as much force as a much larger rock.
  • Mending - Physically repair damaged objects through magic.
  • Poison Spray - A noxious gas exudes from your hand towards your target, which burns and poisons them.
  • Prestidigitation - Minor magical tricks. Harmless sensory effects a faint sound or puff of air. Lighting or snuffing a candle. Cleaning or soiling a garment. Manifesting an extremely small illusion (palm of your hand). Make a mark or symbol appear on an object temporarily
  • Ray of Frost - A beam of pure cold fires from the palm of your hand towards your target, causing intense pain.
  • Shocking Grasp - A weak burst of electricity flows from your hand into someone or something you are touching, shocking them.
  • Spare the Dying - You touch a badly injured person or animal, one for whom death is imminent. Though this spell does not heal their wounds, it prevents them from dying, permitting others to administer aid.
  • Thorn Whip - A long whip made of thorny vines manifests in your hand. You know how to wield the whip.
Level 1
  • Cure Wounds - With your touch, a person’s injuries begin to heal. Gaping wounds close, and broken bones begin to mend. Pain is also reduced. It is not perfect, but it can mean the difference between life and death, or get a grievously wounded adventurer back into the fight.
  • Detect Magic - Sense the presence of magic nearby. Detect any objects or creatures in the vicinity that have been enchanted. The stronger the spellcaster, the further away the magic can be detected. The precise nature of the magic is hard to discern. Only the spellcaster may see that the items or creatures have been enchanted.
  • Disguise Self - A magical illusion makes you appear different from how you really look. The illusion does not affect touch.
  • Expeditious Retreat - When you are stuck fighting someone stronger than you and you need to get away fast, this spell permits you magical bursts of speed away from your foe.
  • Faerie Fire - A painless, magical fire marks objects, animals, and people in an area roughly 10 meters per side. Creatures marked by this fire are visible, even in complete darkness, even if they try to render themselves invisible.
  • Feather Fall - When you’re falling, magically slow your descent. You are not hurt when you land. You can also cast this on others.
  • Grease - A slick oil forms on the surface you touch, rendering it extremely slippery.
  • Identify  - You touch an object and learn its properties, both physical and magical.
  • Jump - Leap supernaturally high.
  • Longstrider - You or a person or animal you touch is, for about an hour, quite a bit faster than normal.
  • Sanctuary - A creature of your choice is protected against ranged attacks (arrows, thrown weapons, or magic spells).
  • Snare - Lay a piece of rope on the ground. The rope becomes infused with magic and becomes an invisible trap. When a creature walks across the rope, it closes around their feet, trapping them. The trap is difficult to detect unless someone casts Find Traps.
Level 2
  • Aid - Your spell toughens your allies, improving their durability and their morale. Attacks against them do a bit less damage for a time. As the spellcaster improves, they can cast it on more allies simultaneously.
  • Alter Self - Physically change your form. This can mean changing your appearance to that of another person, adapting yourself for aquatic life (gills, webbed hands), or growing claws, fangs, spines, horns, or other weapons found commonly in nature.
  • Arcane Lock - You touch a door, window, gate, or chest and it becomes locked until the spell is ended by your choice, a password magically set by you as part of the spell is spoken, or the magic is dispelled.
  • Blur - An illusion surrounds you, blurring your appearance. Creatures attacking you have a hard time seeing exactly where you are.
  • Continual Flame - A magical flame that generates light but no heat, and which consumes no fuel, manifests on an object you touch. It may serve as a torch. The flame cannot be put out by nonmagical means.
  • Darkvision - You can bestow on yourself or another person or animal the ability to see in the dark. They still cannot see in an area blackened by the spell Darkness.
  • Enhance Ability - For about an hour, a creature of your choosing is suffused with magical energy. It may improve their ability to endure difficult experiences, strengthen their muscles, enhance their reflexes, or open their minds to new ideas.
  • Enlarge - Magically increase the size of a creature or object. Their physical strength and endurance increases as well. Stronger magic users can make creatures or objects grow even bigger.
  • Heat Metal - You touch a metal object and it gets so hot that it begins to glow red. Anyone who touches the metal is burned. You can use this spell on your weapons -- or your enemy’s armor.
  • Invisibility - You bestow on yourself or another creature temporary invisibility. This includes their clothes and anything they are holding/carrying. The invisibility wears off after an hour or so.
  • Lesser Restoration - Touch a blind creature and they can see. Touch a deaf creature and they can hear. Touch a paralyzed creature and he can move. Touch a poisoned creature and dispel the poison.
  • Levitate - Suspend a creature or object in the air. You can telekinetically move them up, down, or horizontally. They cannot move unless they can reach a wall, tree, pole, etc. When the spell ends, the levitated person/animal/object floats gently to the ground, regardless of height.
  • Magic Mouth - Imbue an object with the magical capability of speaking a message on your behalf. Speak a short message and specify a trigger condition (such as a password being spoken nearby or a specific person or type of person walking within a certain distance). When the condition is met, a magical mouth will appear on the object and recite your message.
  • Magic Weapon - You infuse the weapon you are carrying with magical power for a short time (a few minutes, maybe as long as half an hour). During that time, the weapon is magically more effective. Arrows fired from magic-enhanced bows find their targets more easily. Clubs hit with a bit more force. Swords seem that much sharper.
  • Protection from Poison - With a touch, you neutralize a poison or venom affecting someone. You can also make them temporarily immune to future poisoning or envenomating.
  • Pyrotechnics - Magically increase the brightness or smoke output of a real, nonmagical fire.
  • Reduce - Magically decrease the size of a creature or object. Stronger magic users can make creatures or objects shrink even bigger.
  • Rope Trick - Telekinetically control a rope. You can cause it to hook onto the empty air and it will hold as if properly secured to a wall or rock face. You can swing it with your mind. Extremely talented magic users can tie complicated knots with this spell.
  • See Invisibility - Invisible creatures and objects are visible to you.
  • Spider Climb - You or a creature of your choosing can climb along walls and other vertical surfaces, as well as ceilings as if you were simply walking on the ground.
  • Web - A giant, sticky spider-web manifests across an area of your choosing. Creatures that stumble into it are trapped until they can free themselves.


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Re: Artificer
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Approved as canon for the Exonia Foundation