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« on: January 13, 2020, 07:30:23 AM »
Class Details

Clerics in the realm of Exonia come forth in many alliances throughout the lands. However, most clerics are gifted with the same abilities that they are blessed by the gods themselves. How they use these powers is up to them, yet history books have written that they have used it mostly as a supportive role in combat. For example, the now head priestess, Chloe Thatcher was a vital part of Aldithley strike team in the Skervia invasion by using her support spells. More can be learned about the Clerics below.

Creating a Cleric

While this might be a given, the Silver Oath is a good red line to use to know the background of what Clerics are. But why are the Silver Oath a good read you might ask? Because the Silver Oath is the biggest religious group in the Exonia realm, they are to be found in the capital cities of many countries and their groups are traveling everywhere. But it doesn't mean that you are obligated to be a Silver Oath member, you can be a Cleric with your own belief.

You can become a cleric by devoting yourself to the Eulonith belief, or in some form towards it. Clerics receive their magic from the Vei Luba plane and when grown in rank and status they eventually are touched by the grace of the gods plane known to all people as Ceodderus plane. However, there is a possibility that your cleric gets drawn to the Metiaxar plane, this dark and cold plane grants the cleric dark magic and as of yet has not been seen in Exonia, for now, the Staff will not allow such connection.

All clerics begin at Bronze level and your character requires to go through a series of quests to upgrade your level or in Exonia your rank. A cleric in Alderworth can join the Marblevale Guild to train and control their magic, it is possible to join the Silver Oath and learn it from them. If your cleric comes from outside, you are required to explain how your character learned the ways of magic, keep in mind the Staff will be weighting this explaining more.

The equipment depends on where your allegiance lays, you can get a standard robe, staff, and light armor from Marblevale and a Silver Oath robe, medium staff, and light armor from Silver Oath. Again, clerics from different cities, countries will be judge on Staff opinion.  Your weapon is a staff, a mace and you are allowed for small weaponry up to 2 items. This means that you are not allowed to use swords, bows, axes or any other big weaponry. If you wish to use a big weapon, do contact the staff before making your character.

In regards to spells, a cleric can use the Rune of Eulonith that is blessed. The spells are done by speaking out or/and gesturing the spell in question. They do not require any ingredients to make the spell work.

Additional information

The recruitment path for Marblevale is similar as written on their guild page, you are required to do an entree test, you will follow their principles and the specific classes. Keep in mind that they accept gladly medium to the high-class citizens and frown down on lower class or outsiders.

For the Silver Oath is the path that you are devoted to their belief and are to follow their orders when you are called upon. You do not believe in other gods that sway way from their beliefs.

When taking the independent path, keep in mind that you require to be detailed on how you got schooled, how you got the power, what kind of equipment you have and why you came to Alderworth or the providence of Essia. It's not that we discourage you to make one from the outside, but Exonia is not explored much and therefore everything you make has effect on this world.
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Re: Cleric
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The Cleric begins at the bronze level. With each level, she gains certain inherent abilities, has access to certain equipment, and can take certain quests specific to her class and level. In addition, she can pick a certain number and level of spells for each quest she partakes in, and these spells can change from quest to quest. She may only use each spell once per day and must spend time each night in prayer and meditation to regain the use of each spell.

Bronze level

Rune of Eulonith -- Clerics that finish their training are able to receive the Rune of Eulonith, it is blessed by a Grand Priest. They can pin it to their rope or use it as a necklace.

Armor and Weapons -- When being a Cleric you are able to use a standard staff or mace, granted that you are able to use smaller weaponry up to two items. They got light armor and are unable to use medium or heavy armor due to that they are not trained for this kind of armor.

Light -- A way to create light with the help of magic. Your staff will shed bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet. The light can be colored if you desire so. The light can't penetrate any solid objects and ends after 10 minutes.

Resistance -- You are able to make your fellow members resistance to a certain element. For example, you are resistant to poison or against cold. Do not that you require to touch the person, that you require elemental runes. Elemental runes can be bought at a magic store. You can only use one resistance element and require to take a meditation or rest for a day.

Sacred Flame -- You are able to make a flame-like radiance descend down on the creature. This ability is only taught to you in the Marblevale Guild.

Religion Guidance -- When concentrated you are able to detect religious objects and collect the artifacts.

Divine Glow -- You learned this from Marblevale Guild or from Silver Oath. This skill lets you regenerate your wounds over a period of 2 to 4 hours depending on the injury. Lost a limb? This spell won't work then.

Silver Level

Divine increase -- Your magic and connection towards the plane improves slightly and this will allow you to control your powers better. Spells now last 25% longer in duration.

Celestial Prominence -- Summons a radiant energy at the target locations. Activating this power again will detonate it. This is seen as a trap spell that requires to be taught. It can be used twice a day, after that you require a day of rest.

Chains of Ceodderus -- You are able to restrain enemies at with chains that are blessed by a Grandpriester. This counts as an item an is only sold to Silver ranked members. Keep in mind Gold leveled and higher can break loose (how higher, how easier).

Inner Balance -- A meditation skill that you can learn at this stage by visiting Marblevale academy. It will increase your restore of magic, duration of restore takes not a day but 12 hours.

Mace of fate -- The Mace will be blessed and increases damage to the enemy by 2x times.

Gold level

Divine increase -- Your magic and connection towards the plane improves slightly and this will allow you to control your powers better. Spells now last 50% longer in duration.

Righteousness -- Increases the effectiveness of healing spells, reduces the amount of magic you loose while performing it. Meaning that a healing spell that can only be used once a day can now be used twice. It can be learned at Silver Oath.

Healing word -- You learn to speak divine old words that are connected to the magic plane. You no longer require to use ingredients to get someone healed. Thought gestures stay part of the basic spell, an additional 25% heal is added to the basic spell. It can be learned at both Marblevale or Silver Oath. Note: You can only use this spell if Righteousness is not used, visa versa with the other one.

Armored Army -- A technic of gestures that can be learned from Marblevale Academy. When using the right movement, you are able to put a magical layer upon the armor of our team. The armor stays on for a duration of 20 minutes, however it is decreased if hit repeatedly with medium or heavy weaponry.

Platinum level

Repeated blessings - Due that you have reached a higher connection with the divine planes and your magical connection has increased, you are able to cast bastion of health on a target. You are able to do the same healing spell up to four times without any hits to your stamina or magic.

Major healing -- The cleric may heal major wounds once a day, and minor wounds twice a day.

Rhythm of the Planes -- This is a technic that learns you to tap up to five times a day into the plane for a short moment that regains your magic.

Cleaning Light -- Heal allies at the location and removes any negative magic from the area. This has no effect on curses, it can heal persons minor wounds and energy. This can be used once a day, then you require to recharge your powers.

Diament level

Divine increase -- Your magic and connection towards the plane improves slightly and this will allow you to control your powers better. Spells now last 75% longer in duration.

Revive -- Once every three days, you can restore a creature to full health, even if the creature is dead (although the creature cannot have been dead for more than ten minutes). In addition, you may heal minor wounds three times a day, and major wounds two times a day.

Intercession -- Instantly heals the nearby team member with the most damage, minor or severe wounds doesn't matter. Do note that magical wounds can't be healed with this technic.
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Re: Cleric
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  • Guidance - Whether from the gods or nature or some magical artifact, you feel a sudden burst of inspiration. You know the best thing to do next.
  • Mending - Physically repair damaged objects through magic.
  • Spare the Dying - You touch a badly injured person or animal, one for whom death is imminent. Though this spell does not heal their wounds, it prevents them from dying, permitting others to administer aid.
  • Thaumaturgy - Minor magical tricks that are harmless but can be intimidating. Make your voice boom loud and deep. Cause candles to brighten, dim, or flicker. Create strange, distracting sounds. Make your eyes glow. Cause doors and windows to open and close at random.
  • Word of Radiance - A beam of pure light shines out from your hand in a beam. The pure light burns like fire, and is particularly destructive against undead.
Level 1
  • Bane - A creature struck by Bane becomes weaker than normal. Its muscles are somehow not quite as effective as they were. Their blows with their weapons are not as strong.
  • Bless - A creature that is Blessed is more resistant to attack. Sword strikes seem to glance off their skin. Injury is much less severe.
  • Ceremony - By invoking the gods themselves, you can infuse people, animals, or objects with certain magical properties. You can prevent a corpse from becoming undead. You can clear a person’s mental state, helping free them of guilt or unnecessary burdens. You can create holy water. You can clear the mind of a young person, temporarily giving them magic wisdom beyond their years.
  • Command - You speak a single word command, and the person receiving the command is compelled to do it, even if it goes against their interest. The command is limited to only one word. The effectiveness of the spell is enhanced if the spellcaster has Intimidation.
  • Create or Destroy Water - You can manifest clean, drinkable water, or dispel water away. The more skilled you are, the more water you can create or destroy.
  • Cure Wounds - With your touch, a person’s injuries begin to heal. Gaping wounds close, and broken bones begin to mend. Pain is also reduced. It is not perfect, but it can mean the difference between life and death, or get a grievously wounded adventurer back into the fight.
  • Detect Magic - Sense the presence of magic nearby. Detect any objects or creatures in the vicinity that have been enchanted. The stronger the spellcaster, the further away the magic can be detected. The precise nature of the magic is hard to discern. Only the spellcaster may see that the items or creatures have been enchanted.
  • Detect Poison and Disease - You can magically sense when someone is ill or poisoned, and can usually identify the type of disease or poison afflicting them. If you are skilled with magic and also knowledgeable about nature, you can also sense the presence of poisons or venoms in nature (animals with poison or venom glands; poisonous plants).
  • Guiding Bolt - A bolt of pure magical energy bursts from your hand towards a target of your choice. The pure light burns like fire and is particularly destructive against the undead.
  • Inflict Wounds - The opposite spell of Cure Wounds. You touch your opponent, and necrotic magic causes wounds to open, skin to burn, bones to break. Stronger magic users can cause more grievous injuries if they desire.
  • Purify Food and Drink - With a touch, food and water is made free of contaminants of all kinds, including poison and disease.
  • Sanctuary - A creature of your choice is protected against ranged attacks (arrows, thrown weapons, or magic spells).
  • Shield - A shimmering but mostly transparent energy field manifests around you or someone you choose. This shield will blunt a few hits from enemy weapons until it shatters.
Level 2
  • Aid - Your spell toughens your allies, improving their durability and their morale. Attacks against them do a bit less damage for a time. As the spellcaster improves, they can cast it on more allies simultaneously.
  • Augury - Using special magic cards, receive an omen from the gods about the very near future.
  • Blindness - Magically cause your target to go temporarily blind.
  • Calm Emotions - Tempers can run hot in a fight. This spell suffuses the air with magical energy and suppresses tempers, calming people down.
  • Continual Flame - A magical flame that generates light but no heat, and which consumes no fuel, manifests on an object you touch. It may serve as a torch. The flame cannot be put out by nonmagical means.
  • Deafness - Magically cause your target to go temporarily deaf.
  • Hold Person - Paralyze another person for up to one minute.
  • Lesser Restoration - Touch a blind creature and they can see. Touch a deaf creature and they can hear. Touch a paralyzed creature and he can move. Touch a poisoned creature and dispel the poison.
  • Locate Object - As you cast the spell, keep in your head an image of an object you are seeking. It might be a specific object or a general description. If it is fairly close by (within half a kilometer or so), you will sense where it is. More powerful magic users can sense specific objects further away. You must be reasonably familiar with the object, able to hold an image of it in your head.
  • Prayer of Healing - More effective than Cure Wounds or Healing Word, this spell closes injuries and knits bones back to health, as the gods themselves channel their mercy through you.
  • Protection from Poison - With a touch, you neutralize poison or venom affecting someone. You can also make them temporarily immune to future poisoning or envenomating.
  • Silence - Within ten meters of a point you choose, no sound can be created or carried. Any creatures within the Silence area are deaf.
  • Spiritual Weapon - A ghostly weapon of your choosing manifests in your hand. The weapon can be wielded by your hand or controlled telekinetically.
  • Warding Bond - A spiritual bond is made between you and a willing creature you touch. Your strength of will protects them. Weapons hitting them act as if they are wearing the same armor you are. You absorb some of the pain and injury suffered upon successful hits.
  • Zone of Truth - Anyone within roughly ten meters of you is unable to deliberately tell a lie. They are not compelled to answer, but they cannot be untruthful. Ignorance of the truth does not constitute lying.


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Re: Cleric
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Approved as canon for the Exonia Foundation