Site Rules
-Be respectful to other members. Treat others how you would like to be treated. If you're thinking about doing something, and don't like the idea of someone else doing that to you, then it's probably not something you should do, regardless of the reasons you have.
-Don't harass or bully other members. Whatever opinions you may have of another member, we cannot condone this sort of behavior.
-Be respectful of everyone else's creations (Characters, Organizations, and Settings). Every creation on this site has been written up by members. If you need to use someone else's creation for a plot or a creation of your own, then you need to either speak to them about it or the staff in their absence to ensure that they are respected. Communication is important for things to happen in roleplaying in general, let alone Exo.
-Do not copy other people's content and claim it as your own. That goes for both on the site and off the site. Even if credit is given (which should be always, even if you do have permission), it's not okay to just use or repost a creation unless permission was given by the owner in some form. This applies to artwork posted on the site as well (see more on that in Standard Creation Guidelines).
-Do not create alternate accounts. We don't allow additional character accounts.
-Do not link or post pirated files, or other things of that nature.
-Sexually graphic content is prohibited everywhere.
-While explicit language, excessively violent content, or suggestive content is allowed, it should be in good taste and reasonable.
Otherwise, all content should be relatively PG-13.
-The use of language or explicit topics outside of roleplay is okay, but excessive use of it and spamming is not, nor is aggressive or disgusting/gross behavior. If it is deemed disruptive to things on the site, you'll be asked to stop.
-Discuss major plots that might influence lore or a major organization with the staff.
-Poaching members to join your RP or link them to another site is forbidden on this website, this might result in a perm ban.

Discord Rules:
-Be respectful, no hate in this server!
-No adult content or links in the Chat.
-No racism or hate
-No insulting other users.
-Do not use profanity.
-Steer clear of “hot button” topics like real-world politics and religion.
(Occasional swearing is usually tolerated if not directed at any person.)
(Mods may edit out the swear words.)
-Got questions please contact Keeper (Red) or Oracle (Blue) they are the staff.
-Don't spam us with links to other RP sites or chatrooms.
-Please use the English language, as moderators need to be able to understand people.
-Do not poach members to join your RP, or DM people in our servers. This might result in perm ban.