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Euphrasia Story - Part 3: The Black Bone Dragon

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 3:04pm by Diamante Euphrasia Aldithley

Mission: Short stories
Location: Alderworth - Inner walls - 119 Tralirs
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1430

The smell of metal and death was wavering in the streets as light flickers from the burning houses that collapsed by the enemy attacks. A scream as a Skervia body drops down and its head rolls a bit further. Puffing and trying to catch her breath as Euphrasia looked beaten up, scratches, her armor damaged and her sword dented by the many hits she provided. Leaning at the side of the wall she felt a hand on her shoulder and stumbles away from it holding her sword up.

"Easy!" Vash said holding out his own blades that were covered in blood "Main forces are pushing forward, the all retreat has been given as you commanded" A bright light comes over them both as Vash felt his energy coming back to him and looked at his side "Thank you, Choe..."

The cleric was also quite beaten up as she was doing her best to lean on the staff and her robes covered in mud and blood "I ...I did my best to heal up as many soldiers and archers as I could, but ..." She saw Euphrasia rose her hand and knew it was okay seeing her facial expression being kind and soft to her "Still...I am sorry" The screams were heard from their side as they all looked at the same direction "What...what is going on"

"Trouble... let's go" Euphrasia spoke rushing towards the direction of the screams and wrecking sounds as suddenly they could hear a loud beast roar. When arriving at the market they could see a large black bone dragon "For damn sake...Metiaxar creatures" Euphrasia spit on the ground as mutters under her tongue another spell and into her left hand a bright light whip appears that was giving sparks slowly walking into the direction of the creature that was surrounded by other soldiers that tried to keep it in one place "Lets move"

The dragon claws a few soldiers away as the lash of the whip got of its claw just saving an archer "RUN" Euphrasia said as Vash sprints forward and jumps onto the creature sliding over its back and piercing it with the knives into it letting the creature scream. With a harsh pull Euphrasia is thrown into a pile of boxes that shatter on impact and the lash disappears.

A healing light came over the soldiers as Chloe tried her best to keep everyone in the battle as another bolt of light strikes the creature as Chloe looked at her side "Marsh!" The old man looked at Chloe "My lady...lets get this over with!" Another man slides into the market place and shoots a few arrows at the creature that let it scream again "I couldn't have said it better old man" Marsh looked at his side "For crying out loud focus Bowles" The two stood at each side as they rose their weapons the Bone Dragon turned to them and blows a big fire at them.

Large blue forcefield was holding it back as a woman had slammed its shield into the ground and produced a large magical field "You okay boys..." She said with a shrug as Mash and Bowles looked at each other then back at the woman "We had this Cogwright...well I had" Bowles said with a smirk and seeing Mash roll his eyes was all the entertainment he needed.

The dragon tried to lift off "Take it down!" Vash spoke as he was trying to help Euphrasia from the rumble "If it flies we will have bigger problems!" Vash pointed out pointing to the sky. The man was right, the Bone Dragon had a major advantage in the air as everyone did try their best to keep the beast on the ground. But it still manages to produce lots of wind with its large wings and blowing some of them to the ground.

Everyone looked helpless as the arrows had no effect from that range as it courses at the Viscount estate "Shit it is going for the Mithril Bastion!" Cogwright yelled as with a flash she saw Euphrasia using her agility and speed to move quicker and jumping from box to stand, to house roof and onto some walls "TAKE HIM DOWN!" She yelled afterward as Euphrasia mutters to herself another spell with now a crown of light appearing around her head and she swipes her sword from one to another taking Skervias down while rushing.

Looking up she saw the Bone Dragon as she pointed her sword up with the light arrows around her head shooting one by one by the direction aimed of her sword at the dragon. The Dragon gets hit and screams in agony as it descends quickly down to the ground into the direction of Mithril "Shit no!" Rushing faster as her pupils widen seeing the Dragon crash into the house "NO!"

When arriving she slowers her pace and held her sword up carefully looking at the damage. Then from the side a wave of fire appears as a dragon appeared from the rumble. Euphrasia could feel the burn as she twisted in the air barely avoiding it and slamming into the concrete floor with her blade sliding over it. She didn't have any time to grab the sword and pushed forward as the claws crashed into the floor. Withstanding firm on the ground she screams at the direction of the dragon hurting it with the high blast mind and confusing it. This was her chance as she slides and grabs her sword and rushed to the Dragon and started to swing on vital areas as the Dragon screamed trying to bite in the wild.

The tail whips her of the back as she quickly cast another whip lashing it around the dragons neck slamming it down to the ground. The only chance to defeat this undead creature was to repay it with the same magic that it was lured to "AHHHHHH" Euphrasia holds tied onto the rope as purple electrics sparks from her and into the leash as the Dragon tried to resist feeling the power of the leash getting brighter. The flow of magic was getting poured into it as it started to burn through the rotten flesh of the dragon neck.

With a final push and a crack, Euphrasia made a final pull as she turned around with the leash disappearing. A loud bang as the body and head fell to the ground. Taking a deep breath as she looked outside, tired, beaten up and not yet done. Suddenly purple chains appeared and claimed into Euphrasia, she felt shockwaves of pain as she looked at her arm seeing the purple chain around it and dropped to the floor slowly disappearing again "The use of power in exchange of life is completed" A voice was heard that slowly disappeared, letting the young woman catch her breath.

"Aldithley.." The voice of a weaken man called out to her, she recognized it and looked at her side seeing the Viscount severely wounded as she rushed with the last power she had to him "My lord'' She dropped to his feet as he was leaning against the wall "I ...I will get you a medic....a healer" He waved his hand and just smiled at her "My time is done for at Alderworth, you used your Warlock powers again to defeat this know cost of this" Euphrasia shrugs and nods as she felt the blood dropping down her face and looked at her lord "Good, then you are more then suited to carry this" He reached out with a blade that had beautiful markings on it "The blade of Alderworth...but you can survive this!"

He smiled again at her "I got puncture wounds through my armor, I am unable to feel my legs....I can feel the cold coming. It is time for you to step up and bring Alderworth its glory" He reached out again with the blade as Euphrasia took the blade seeing her former leader, friend or even father die before her eyes. At the same time, the death of the dragon was the final push that made the Skervia pull back, the battle was won, but at what price.


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