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Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 22, 2020, 06:59:01 PM »
"Well," Temisar said, kneeling down and putting tips on her boots, "We have to stop these armadillos from raiding the farms over that way." The ranger pointed over to the southwest. "And the bards pay us extra if we bring them back some hides. And that last part is kind of hard if the armadillo is still alive. So, um,, yeah, we gotta kill them."

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 20, 2020, 04:41:58 PM »
Temisar studied the much, much shorter woman, her arrow unwavering, before she slowly lowered the bow. Wordlessly, Temisar put the arrow back in the quiver. Then, without warning, she strode purposefully over to the newcomer, leaned down, and kissed the other woman intensely.

And just as quickly, Temisar turned back to the cliffs, a clear sense of purpose in her words and actions.

"Right," she said, turning to the Sunbrawler. "If you want it, I say take the sword."

Looking down at the skeleton, she added, "I think he can wait one more day for a burial. While we still have sun, I'm going to scale that cliff, get some ropes down, and help the rest of you up. We'll see if we can start picking off those armadillos, like you suggested. If those holes open up to a big gallery that is. If any of you have climbing experience, I won't say no the help. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and start climbing." With that, Temisar opened up her pack, found some gloves, and started putting them on.

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 20, 2020, 03:30:42 PM »
Temisar nodded, agreeing with the Sunbrawler's assessment of the situation. She knelt down by the body, not because she wanted to, but because she felt she should, seeing as she had taken charge of the group.

And as soon as she knelt down and put her hands on the body, Temisar instantly regretted it. What if the body had been booby trapped, same as that section on the trail?

Temisar wished she had asked the other woman to check the body first, in case it was booby trapped. Eulalia seemed to have an eye for that sort of thing. It made Temisar wonder what kind of background the other woman had, since she didn't have a guild.

Oh, she has a guild all right, Temisar's brain told her. Just not one the city recognizes. And one you don't want to admit to yourself.

Temisar shoved those thoughts to the side as she checked out the body.

"Nothing to say who he was in life," Temisar said over her shoulder. "Everything on his body is pretty much rusted and useless except that sword. Anybody want it?" Temisar herself refused to touch it. It seemed ghoulish, somehow, picking things off a unknown dead man's body.

Looking up at the cliff, she added, "We could get up to those entrances, have a look, and then get down and back up the trail to our wagon before the sun sets. But I don't think we can do that if we take time to bury this skeleton right now."

Temisar began rising to her feet when she heard a twig snap behind her on the trail. With speed and grace that bordered on the preternatural, Temisar had her bow drawn and arrow notched, with it aimed at the trail.

"Whoever is back there, now would be a good time to show yourself," the ranger said, all uncertainty gone from her voice and her mind.

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 16, 2020, 03:19:28 PM »
Temisar couldn't help but agree with the big Sunbrawler as they continued down the trail. They should have disarmed the trap. But the thing was, Temisar didn't know how to disarm a trap. Well, actually, she did. By setting it off. But that was the small little snares she set for game. That big, two log flattening trap, how do you set that off? By throwing something heavy on the trip wire? And would the logs just hang there when they crashed together?

Temisar didn't know and, because she had gotten used to hunting either by herself, or with one of the older hunters in her extended family (and their friends), she didn't think about asking one of her fellow questers. If it had been one of her uncles and aunts, they would have had the solution. Temisar wouldn't have had to ask.

Instead, she tried to convince herself that it was better not setting off the trap because that way, no one would know they had come this way. Even though the slaughter they were about to engage in was definitely going to show they were here.

When Theodore asked if the armadillo was the one who had killed the skeleton in the armor, she shook her head. "I don't think so. Armadillos only attack if they're attacked, or if they're defending their lair. The skeleton is too far away. And whoever he was, he's been there for a long time, and these armadillos have only recently moved in. F*ck, he's big!"  Temisar blushed at her unintentional use of a swear word, but that armadillo was big. Bigger than it was supposed to be.

Temisar blushed again at being called the armadillo expert, but before she could answer, the armadillo meandered into the large cave entrance and disappeared.

"Well," Temisar said, standing up, "We can check out that dead body, but that seems kind of ghoulish. We can go into the big cave and see how many of those armadillos are in there, or we could climb up and go into one of those smaller entrances, see where they lead." The next question was really difficult for the normally solitary ranger to ask, but she needed to get used to asking such questions, especially if she was going to go on future quests. "So what do you all think we need to do?"

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 15, 2020, 06:17:45 PM »
Temisar let out a soft whistle at what the shorter woman pointed out. Now that she could see it, it was obvious. There was a line leading out to the woods on either side of the path. Barely discernible were two large logs, suspended above the forest floor, that would have came crashing together over the path, presumably crushing whoever was unfortunate enough to step on that line.

Part of Temisar's mind wondered why whoever had set the trip didn't just use one log, with lots of spikes on it or something. That would have had more chance to hurt an interloper, and would have probably been less work as well setting up.

The rest of Temisar's mind told her that, whether the trap was more functional or more aesthetic, dead would have been dead regardless.

"I guess we should be careful where we put our feet," Temisar remarked, trying to sound confident.

The progress up the remainder of the trail was slow but uneventful

An hour later, the trail ended, opening up to a clearing. On the other side of the trail was a large bluff, with a few holes scattered across its surface, and one very large one at its base, about two meters in height and four meters in width. On one side of the trail's end was a skeleton wearing old, and very weathered chainmail. In the skeleton's hand was a broadsword, that looked in good condition. Remarkably good condition, particularly in light of the condition of the armored skeleton.

That was't the most impressive thing in the clearing, however. Near the entrance was a giant armadillo. A HUGE giant armadillo. The armadillo looked to be at least a meter high, and three and half meters long. It was clear that if the armadillo reared up on hind legs, it would easily tower over any of the adventurers.

The giant armadillo was rooting around the ground, either unaware or unconcerned about the arrival of the newcomers.

"There is one thing that I know," Temisar remarked. "Giant armadillos are NOT supposed to get that big."

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 15, 2020, 02:35:37 PM »
Temisar's lips quirked into a smile at being labeled 'bird lady.' And she felt better for having a second set of eyes watching the trail for booby traps. Not that Temisar couldn't be a fair hand at setting snares such herself. But most of the time when you were in the woods, you marked where you had been to make sure nobody stumbled on a snare and ruined it. But then again, she had been setting traps for rabbits and other small creatures. She hadn't set a trap for something her size, ever.

The foursome moved down the path, Temisar and Eulalia in front, the Sunbrawlers trailing behind them. One could tell the game trail had been used by humans, by the way it had been beaten down. But it was also visible that the trail had not been used in a while, as it was covered by dead leaves.

And then, up ahead, barely discernible, the leaves on one part of the trail looked like they had been upturned at one point...

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 13, 2020, 06:25:07 PM »
"Just shooting singly," Temisar said, eyeing the trail, and steeling her resolve to take charge. "Never even thought of trying to go into a cave full of them. Important thing is, if you corner one, don't let it get close to you. Claws and teeth. Heard one of those ivory tower types say that giant armadillos have more teeth than any other kind of warm blood. Don't know about that, but they have a lot of them. Worn down, but a lot of them."

"So," Temisar said, bracing her shoulders to make it seem she should naturally be in charge, "We'll go down the trail, single file, me in front. Keep your eyes open. This time of day," she said, looking up at the early afternoon sun, "Nothing bigger than squirrels and birds should be out, but you never know. This time of year, you don't need to worry about snakes, but don't put your foot in a pile of leaves, in case one of the nastier ones is hibernating under them. And, um, don't suppose any of you know anything about spotting traps, do you? To help me keep an eye out for them in front," she quickly added.

"Wait, hang on a second," Temisar said, pulling something out of the pouch on her belt. She muttered some strange syllables over whatever she had pulled out, then put on some leather gloves. Looking up, she focused on a hawk circling above, and let out a loud cry, mimicking the hawk's call. Immediately, the hawk dove straight towards her, braking as it landed on her outstretched right hand. The two exchanged a few grunts and cries, then Temisar lifted her hand, and the hawk flew off.

"He says that there's nobody between us and the caves, but he has seen giant armadillos going in and out of the cave," Temisar relayed. "He doesn't know how many, though, or how big they are. They're just too big. That's how hawks describe something that isn't prey, but isn't a threat."

"Anyway, the hawk said there is a dead armored body near the end of the trail by the caves. How old, he couldn't say. If a scavenger can't pick meat off its bones, then the body is too old. So, before we start up, anybody good at spotting traps? Anybody?"

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 11, 2020, 01:19:21 AM »
Temisar nodded in agreement, though she was already thinking what she would do if she were alone.

The first thing she'd do is head up that trail. Quietly. Which she was fairly sure was an adverb that either of those two Sunbrawlers didn't know the meaning of. She didn't know about the other woman, though. She didn't know anything about her, save that her accent defined her as Drirrilf Hill. And not the part that started morphing into farmland.

The smaller woman hadn't volunteered what guild she was with, which meant she either didn't have a guild, or didn't have an official guild. Which might mean that she could head up a trail almost as quietly as Temisar could.

And it might be that the shorter woman would be better at spotting any boobytraps the last batch of mushroom hunters had left for anyone thinking about poaching on their mushroom shafts.

That was going to be a problem. Temisar had set traps or snares herself, but she had never thought about setting them up on trails people walked on because, well, people walked up and down those trails.

Temisar bit back a sigh, keeping it internal. If she were alone, she'd head up that trail, and she'd probably be able to avoid any booby traps. She was sure of that. And she'd find a safe place to spend the night, spying on the entrance, and figure out how many giant armadillos were coming in and out. If it was a handful, she'd pick them off one by one. And if it wasn't...

Well, she'd go back to the Guild, tell them how many she thought were in that hole, and let them send out a party.

Like the one Temisar was with right now. Except she didn't feel comfortable trying to give orders to the others one there. Of course, given the way they had talked earlier, she wouldn't feel comfortable taking orders from either of the Sunbrawlers.

So Temisar looked around, pretending she was gauging wind and sunlight and other things, as she hoped an answer would magically provide itself.

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 10, 2020, 02:02:53 PM »
As the pair had their discussion in the back of the wagon, Temisar focused on the horses drawing the wagon to their destination. It was a trip that was without incident.

Well, mostly.

The Imperial Highway heading west was a good solid road, presenting no problem to travelers from other points in Exonia. About noon time, the adventurers met a group of entertainers heading east, who convinced the group to stop for lunch and watch their puppet show. Temisar had just wanted to eat while the wagon was moving, but the entertainers were very convincing.

She wished they hadn't stopped. The short puppet show, which involved a group of adventurers and two giant spiders, was quite bawdy.

Temisar was fairly sure giant spiders would never do that to any human.

Her cheeks still red from the show, she guided the wagon to a pair of well worn wagon ruts turning north, taking the wagon off the Imperial Highway.

"My Da says the caves we're going to were once going to be used for wine storage, or some kind of fermented fruit storage," Temisar told the group. "That's why you got the well worn wagon track. It fell through, though, but there's some shafts of golden mushrooms up here."

The landscape along the wagon trail went from open plains to more wooded areas, and there was a slight incline as it headed northward. Finally the wagon trail ended in a clear spot obviously used to turn wagons around. To one side of the clearing was a path, heading northwestward, that looked like a game trail that had been used by two legged hikers in the recent past.

Climbing down from the wagon front, Temisar stretched her legs then pointed at the trail. "Never been there before, but that trail should lead us up to the caves. It's heading in the right direction," she added as she gathered her equipment and weapons from the wagons.

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 08, 2020, 01:20:12 PM »
Temisar found herself more than a little taken aback by the short, scruffier woman's mannerisms and actions, but she also found herself taking a liking to the smaller woman as well.

"Yes, well, it is time for action," she agreed as she watched Eulalia head for the exit. Temisar hurriedly went to the waiting and watching Sargeant Stonesmith, registered the quest quickly, then hurriedly chased after the other adventurers.

Outside, as promised, was a simple uncovered backboard wagon waiting for them, with a few sacks in back and two sturdy looking spears as well. The wagon was big enough to hold their collected equipment, and let two of the adventurers sit "up front", while the other two could sit on the "floor" of the back.

The two horses in front were familiar to Temisar, quiet sturdy older mares she had groomed when helping out her father in the Brightlander's stables. She gave each a pat before climbing up to the front of the wagon and taking the reins.

"Any of you have experience working with horses?" she asked. "If so, take a seat up here with me." Temisar actually flushed a little at taking charge like that. On the other hand, she did know horses, having grown up in the home of the Guild's Chief Stablemaster.

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:11:00 PM »
"The answer to that is, that depends," Temisar answered. "A grown male giant armadillo can be this high on all four..." Temisar gestured at a point between her waist and knees "...and weight two to three times as much as...well, one of you Sunbrawlers," she said with a smile. "The pamphlet said that witnesses say they've seen an armadillo as big as this.." Temisar tapped on her lowest rib " those caves, but I've never seen one that big, and the only time I've ever heard of one that big is a tale told by a friend of a friend of a friend who saw one that big."

"And most of the time, they're not dangerous. Just a big nuisance to the farmers," Temisar continued. "They're only dangerous when you've attacked them or you go into their lairs. And I've never tried to dig one out of their lair, much less a whole pack of them. I have seen a man as big as you swing at one with his sword. Their hide's thick, and he swung so hard, his blade got stuck. And they've got a nasty set of claws on them, as that man I was telling you about found out the hard way. The pamphlet said that there'll be a couple of spears in the wagon, but I'll leave the weapons you Sunbrawlers use to your best judgment."

"I will say this, though. If you want to save the hide on a teenage armadillo, the kind the Lolokosh Guild will pay for, an arrow or spear through the eye is the best way to go. And an arrow anywhere but the eye will just bounce off its hide and piss it off." Temisar paused before adding. "I'm not sure how the rest of you grew up, but five silver coins for an undamaged hide was never something I would say no to."

The Smart Toad / Re: [IC]Common Room
« on: January 07, 2020, 03:21:18 AM »
The bard said something definite to the stranger and began to stand up. The stranger put his hand over the bard's as if to stop her. The bard raised an eyebrow at the stranger, who moved his hand, looking sheepish as he did so. The bard gave him a smile and moved away.

The stranger watched her leave, then pocketed the statuette and left the tavern.

Making her way back to the front, the bard picked up her Alderlyre and shouted, "Any requests?"

One of the patrons shouted out "The Moon Man's Ballad", a shout that was picked up by the patrons. Laughing, Melia began strumming her Alderlyre and dove into the tune.

In days of old the moon men came and each would wear a kilt
And let me tell you ladies that these moon men sure were built
And each of them would wear his kilt down past his bonny knees
And each would get a whistle with every passing breeze

Ring-ding didle idle I de-o
Ring dye didley I oh
And each would get a whistle with every passing breeze

Well a moon man clad in kilt left a bar one evening fair
And one could tell by how he walked the he'd drunk more than his share
He fumbled 'round until he could no longer keep his feet
And he stumbled off in to the grass to sleep beside the street

Ring-ding didle idle I de-o
Ring dye didley I oh
He stumbled off in to the grass to sleep beside the street

About that time two young and lovely girls just happened by
One says to the other, with a twinkle in her eye
"See yon sleeping Moon man, so strong a handsome built?
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt. "

Ring-ding didle idle I de-o
Ring dye didley I oh
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt

They crept up on that sleeping moon man quiet as could be
Lifted up his kilt about an inch so they could see
And there, behold, for them to view beneath his moonish skirt
Was nothing more than Nature had graced him  upon his birth

Ring-ding didle idle I de-o
Ring dye didley I oh
Was nothing more than Nature had graced him upon his birth

They marveled for a moment, then one said "We must be gone.
Let's leave a present for our friend before we move along"
As a gift they left a blue silk ribbon tied in to a bow
'Round the bonnie star the moon man's kilt did lift and show

Ring-ding didle iidle I de-o
Ring dye didley I oh
"Round the bonnie star the moon man's kilt did lift and show

Now the moon man woke to nature's call and stumbled towards the trees
Behind the bush he lifts his kilt, and gawks at what he sees
And in a startled voice he says, to what's before his eyes,
"Lad, I don't know where ya been, but I see you've won first prize"

Ring-ding didle idle I de-o
Ring dye didley I oh
Lad, I don't know where you've been, but I see you've won first prize!


Melia Arton
Master Bard and Guildmaster
Lolokosh Guild

The Smart Toad / Re: [IC]Common Room
« on: January 06, 2020, 11:02:55 PM »
As if the bard had read the tavern wench's mind, Melia segued into another song

What's that comin round the corner
What's that coming round the bend
What's that coming round the corner
It's my armadillo friend

Round, Round, Shelly Fellow
Roll Around the Bend
Round, Round, Shelly Fellow
It's my armadillo friend

Melia sang a few more verses, singing about the unlikely friendship between a giant armadillo and the village drunk, and finished off with loud applause. About the time she finished the song, an older man, wearing the leather and sword of a traveler who been a few places slipped into the tavern. He caught the eye of Melia and found a side table.

"Well, give me a few to catch my breath, and I'll be right back," Melia promised. The buxom blonde bard wove her way through the crowd, taking a few coins here and there, before she sat at the table with the stranger. Like Melia, the stranger asked for a chalice of spring water. After the their drinks were brought, the stranger placed a strangely shaped jade statuette on the table, and bard and stranger began having a hushed conversation.


Melia Arton
Master Bard and Guildmaster
Lolokosh Guild


The mysterious stranger

Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 06, 2020, 02:12:57 PM »
Temisar resisted the urge the roll her eyes and sigh.

She had never met this hulking oaf who had come over and insert himself in her conversation with the other woman, but she knew his type. He would consider himself an expert on anything and everything, and feel the need to show her the correct way to do anything and everything. Even before she had joined the Brightlander Guild, a teenage Temisar had led visiting VIPs on the estate her father and mother worked on and hunts. They were loud, obnoxious, and made so much noise crashing around the underbrush that they invariably scared away the game, then would complain about the lack of animals to shoot at.

It was frustrating to Temisar, who was already quiet in the woods even before her training. Now a shadow passing between the trees made more noise than her.

"Yes, well, a little more to it than mushroom picking," Temisar said defensively. Perhaps she was defensive because many of the extras in her childhood and adolescence had only been possible because Temisar had been willing to clamor down large holes in the ground to gather golden mushrooms for the nobles and rich merchants greedy for them.

"If you three are of a mind to take this quest," she told Theo, Alar and Eulalia, "The pamphlet says the Brightlander Guild will provide us a wagon to haul our equipment out to Giant Armadillo Valley, as well as carry back whatever we bring back. It's about a three kilometer hike from the road to where these caves are. And we'll have to watch for traps, even before we get to the caves where the giant armadillos have set up camp." With a shrug, Temisar added, "Before the Giant Armadillos ran them off, this used to be a favorite spot for a group of Golden Mushroom hunters. And sometimes, people like that set booby traps to make sure others don't poach on their stash."

The Smart Toad / Re: [IC]Common Room
« on: January 03, 2020, 08:00:12 PM »
After the final chorus of the song, and the whooping had settled down, Melia began to strum a few notes thoughtfully on her Alderlyre, before setting it down.

"Well, after a song like that, perhaps a gentler ballad might be called for."

There were a few groans of disappointment before Melia waved for quiet. She then began singing in her sweet soprano

There once was a young pure lass
Who had lost her way one night
And not a lad in Edgewater

Melia paused for a moment, giving her an audience a mischievous smile, before continuing in a louder voice with a raucous timber to it.

Will ever forget the sight!

O Hail, Hail, the Lusty Wench
The grandest ship to sail
For the lads and men who rode her
The vessel never failed.

The crowd whooped and hollered as Melia launched into the bawdy song full of double entendres.


Melia Arton
Master Bard and Guildmaster
Lolokosh Guild

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