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Giant Armadillo Valley / Re: [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 03, 2020, 07:30:25 PM »
Temisar was thoughtfully nibbling on her lower lip as she went over the information in the pamphlet. Truthfully, she was hoping for something a little bit more on her first official quest. Instead, she got a quest to do stuff she had been doing since she was twelve. Collecting mushrooms, killing armadillos. Okay, granted, giant armadillos was a little bit more difficult than killing regular armadillos. Temisar could kill a regular armadillo with a regular arrow. A giant one, well, that usually took a spear, and you had to be careful. Any animal could be dangerous when cornered, and a giant armadillo was an animal that weighed in two to three times as much as a grown man, and had a set of nasty claws as well.

But giant armadillos really weren't dangerous. They were just a big nuisance that had to be handled carefully. All this thing she was reading about giant armadillos getting as big as a metric ton from eating golden mushrooms? She didn't care who this scholar was, but Temisar had been traipsing around the eastern edge of the Giant Armadillo Valley since she was a little girl and she knew two things. Giant armadillos didn't get that big, and they didn't eat golden mushrooms. They simply couldn't. Golden mushrooms grew on the sides of crevasses and shafts that any armadillo, giant or normal, could get at.

Temisar was so lost in thought that she didn't notice the paler, shorter woman walking up to her.

"What ya got there, a quest for armadillo hunting heh? Count me in."

Temisar looked up, startled and a little embarrassed that she had been too engrossed in her reading that she hadn't noticed the other woman walking up.

"Well, yes, we will be hunting armadillos, among other things," Temisar said, then quickly clarified, "Rare mushrooms. And a live specimen, if possible. And possibly some hides. Well, it's all right there," Temisar said, handing the pamphlet over to the shorter woman. "if you're interested, we can go back to the desk and register for this quest. By the by, I'm Temisar. I'm an explorer registered with the Brightlander's Guild." Temisar extended her hand as she introduced herself.

Over at the desk, Sergeant Stonesmith smiled as the brown haired bearded man introduced himself as a representative of the Sunbrawler's Guild, here for a quest.

"You'll have to be more specific, Alar Zon," the old sergeant replied. "We literally have dozens of quests," she added, pointing to the opposite wall, covered with pamphlets of varying levels of quests. She studied the young man for a few seconds, then continued. "See those two women over there?" She pointed where Eulalia and Temisar were talking. "I know they're looking at a possible quest right now. Why don't you go over and introduce yourself, see if you might be a fit in joining their quest?"

Giant Armadillo Valley / [Quest]: Silver and Gold
« on: January 01, 2020, 09:23:47 PM »
Mushrooms and truffles, Arden thought with a shake of her head. Now she truly had seen everything.

Arden Stonesmith was approaching fifty, and in her thirty years in the Alderworth Guard, she had seen everything. Now, as she approached her retirement, she was one of those who sat behind a desk in the Alderworth Guard Central building as adventurers matched themselves with quests.

It was a really good system, all things considered. As good as the Guard was, it simply couldn't be everywhere the city's rulers and denizens needed it to be. So the city's guilds, nobles and other interested parties would send "quests" that they needed to be fulfilled. Then the Aldenworth Guard, in coordination with the city's three major guilds (the major official guilds, anyway), would "rank" the various quests, in a system that paralleled how the guilds themselves ranked their own members. The Aldenworth Guard, or rather their designated representatives like Arden, would then help adventurers pick the "quests" that their abilities and experience would allow them to successfully complete.

One of the biggest benefits of the system was that it allowed interested parties to get what they needed in a timely manner, while the Guard wasn't stretched thin trying to accomplish all these objectives. The unspoken benefit was that it allowed the Guard to keep track of all the "players" in the city and, on occasion, would allow the Guard to "cull the herd" of troublesome adventurers by directing them toward particularly challenging quests.

Sometimes, though, the quests sent to the Aldenworth Guard Central bordered on the ridiculous. Like the one she had been personally instructed to get matched to a group of adventurers as soon as possible.

It seemed the western edges of Drirrilf Hill were being overrun by armadillos, and it was putting the golden mushroom and silver truffle crops at risk.

Once, right after the Second Skervian Invasion, Arden along with a number of  Guard had been invited to a dinner honoring them for distinguishing themselves in battle. For the first and only time, Arden had tried sauteed golden mushrooms and silver truffles in wine sauce.

Arden didn't see why the nobles were so crazy for the things. But they were, and the armadillos were supposedly ruining all the crops. So somebody in the Brightlanders Guild thought it was necessary to launch a quest against a big nest of armadillos.

Okay, granted, they weren't normal sized armadillos. But they weren't drakes or goblins either. Someone should have just sent their house guard or guild sentries over to this next and just stick a couple of swords in them. Seriously, this wasn't quest worthy. A handful of farmers with pitchforks ought to be able to fix this problem.

But an official quest, and an official quest with a "rush order," had been sent over to the AGC. And it had come with riders. Any adventurers who took up this quest were expected to find out how big a colony of armadillos this was and, if possible, eliminate it.

But there was more. Some scholar from the Comital Society wanted a live one brought back from the colony if possible, or at least a dead one that was still intact. It seemed that this scholar thought these armadillos got bigger than they had a right to.

So these armadillos were super sized, Arden thought to herself. Just how dangerous could they be?

And then the string pluckers over at the Lolokosh guild wanted some hides for one of their banjos or something. Arden wryly thought to herself that if the head string plucker at the Lolokosh guild didn't have such an impressive "balcony," her request would have been ignored. But she did, so it wasn't.

And finally, the Brightlanders promised to recompense the adventurers for any bags of golden mushrooms they brought back. It seems there were a few important visitors coming to their main hall, and they were desperate to get these supposed delicacies that the armadillos were destroying.

Dammit, Arden thought, was this a hall for quests or for sending trips to market?

There was no way an experienced adventurer would even think about touching this quest, Arden thought to herself. It was going to take a certain combination of naiveté and eagerness to get this quest accomplished.

Arden had to suppress a grin when she saw a young, leather clad woman striding toward her desk.


Temisar D'Hiana strode across the floor of Ardenworth Guard Central with a confidence that she didn't feel. She had only recently achieved her rank of Bronze in the Brightlanders Guild, an accomplishment that filled her with equal parts pride and dread. Pride, because she could now count herself among the ranks of Ardenworth's greatest explorers. Dread, because now she was going have to start living up to the legends of those same explorers.

Temisar walked up to the horse faced older woman that one of the guards at the entrance of the AGC had pointed her at. The older woman stood, and proved to be equal to the height of more than one hundred and eighty centimeters that Temisar herself was.

"Sergeant Stonesmith?" Temisar asked. "The guards at the entrance directed me toward you. Said you would help me get registered and assist me in picking a quest. I've only achieved Bronze rank at the Brightlanders Guild. I'm an explorer," Temisar added proudly.

"Of course you are," Arden said, with a smile. "I could see it in your stride. Well, congratulations, and welcome to the AGC. Just made Bronze, did you?" Arden said, pretending to be thinking. "Over on that wall, see the one with an armadillo shape on it?" The older woman pointed to a wall covered with boxes, each filled with papers and with a shape on the box's cover. "Just came in this morning. Perfect quest for someone new to the AGC to sink her teeth into. Why don't you go fetch it before anyone else nabs it, then come back here, and I'll take your name, guild and everything else to get you registered. We'll get a few other newcomers in here to match you up with, and soon you'll be on your way to fame and fortune."

With a grateful smile, Temisar did just that, while Arden looked around, expecting three more suckers---er, prospects, to make their way to her desk, to group with this ranger. Arden knew they would be coming. It was her lucky day.

The Smart Toad / Re: [IC]Common Room
« on: December 29, 2019, 03:24:17 PM »
One of the tavern servers brought Melia a mug of ale, telling her, "From the gentleman in the back."

Before Melia could respond, another server brought her a mug of ale, saying, "The scarecrow over there sends his regard." A half toothed adventurer gave her a wave of his hat, a wave which she returned with a laugh.

Yet a third server brought over a chalice of wine, adding, "With compliments of the young man over there." The young man in questions had all the trappings of some noble's younger son, looking for sport with someone he would normally consider below his station.

Finally, the tavern keeper himself came out with a chalice of spring water. "Your usual, Melia," he said with a twinkle in his eyes. She nodded gratefully, then hefted the chalice toward the crowd.

"I appreciate the sentiment, friends, but an Alderlyre is difficult enough to play by itself without my wits swimming in ale or wine. But it is hard work, so you can share the burden with me on this one." With that, Melia launched into a new song.

O What do you do with a drunken sailor
What do you do with a drunken sailor
What do you do with a drunken sailor
Early in the morning?

The inn's customers happily (if somewhat offkey) joined her in the chorus.

Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises
Early in the morning


Melia Arton
Master Bard and Guildmaster
Lolokosh Guild

The Smart Toad / Re: [IC]Common Room
« on: December 28, 2019, 02:30:13 PM »
In the tavern's large common room, a loud cheer went up as a young and beautiful blonde woman dressed in an odd collection of bright fineries walked through the crowds toward the front, an Alderlyre in her hands.

"Melia, what are you doing here? I thought you spent all your evenings in Tunder's Tavern," one of the patrons shouted.

"When she's not trying to fend off a young noble with sport on his mind," another one quipped loudly, said comment receiving a roar of raucous laughter.

"Watch your mouth, or I'll not being gracing you with a song," Melia said with a wink, showing the threat wasn't to be taken seriously. Her threat was met by a chant of "Song! Song! Song! Song!" which she waved down as she plucked a few notes on the Alderlyre. Like the bagpipes of another world, the Alderlyre was not the favored instrument of many listeners, and was often paired with other instruments to make it more palatable. Nonetheless, there was a quality in Melia's voice that made it the perfect instrument to accompany her (though Melia's voice was such that a tapping of a spoon on a tankard would have been elevated to a celestial instrument).

As soon as Melia began singing, the entire common room went hush with silence.

In Alderworth, fair city,
Where the lasses are pretty,
He first set his eyes on sweet Talis Palone,
Her gait was alluring
His love was enduring.
As he pined for the arms of sweet Talis Palone!


Melia Arton
Master Bard and Guildmaster
Lolokosh Guild

Introductions & New Travelers! / KiDesru
« on: December 20, 2019, 03:39:01 PM »
Hi, I'm KiDesru, though I will answer to anything from K to Kim to, well, as long as I know you're talking to me (you talking to me? you talking to me?). I like to write and RP, and I mainly do Star Trek RPs, though I occasionally foray into other realms as well. Not really familiar with the D&D realm, though I am a fan of fantasy, including the classics such as The Charwoman's Shadow.

I found Exonia by way of advertisement on an RPG Discord server, and thought I'd give it a peek.

Now for my answers to the questionnaire!

Do you prefer:

Playing male, female, or other-gendered characters? My primary characters I prefer as female characters, since I tend to identify with them initially, before they take a life of their own, and inform me that they're nothing like me! Secondary characters (NPCs, if you will), I can write in either gender, as I see them initially as plot devices, though from time to time many of them endear themselves to me as well!

Spontaneous or planned RP? Yes. Okay, I like the big picture planned, as in, a group of us are going on a particular mission with a particular objective. But all the details, I prefer spontaneous. Since we're a group of different writers, with different styles and different objectives, I think it can stilt things to say, okay, you're character needs to react this way, and do this, and do that. It may be aggravating if another character doesn't react the way you want them to, but I think that allows you to flex your writing muscles, to force yourself to say, okay, I didn't see that coming, now how am I going to write my character(s) reaction?

Military or civilian characters? Good either way, depending on the setting

Humans, Ithiris or something else? As above, depends on the setting, but I'm good any way. I'm not fond, however, of having to write with another character who is, for all practical purposes, a superhero

Being on a starship or being on a planet? I'm good being on a planet or starship, sail ship or port, horseback or cart, depending on what type of character I'm writing

Roleplay via forum posts or in real-time? Forum posts. My secret shame is I'm only spontaneously witty if I have time to plan for the off the cuff remark

On a scale of 1 to 3, what's your preferred level of these in your RP:c

Language: 2. With 1 being "damn, hell, shit,", 2 being things like "F***", and 3 being things like See You Next Tuesday and certain slurs. I will probably usually keep myself down to a 1, occasionally using a 2 in times of dire stress for my character, but really not comfortable with 3 level words in group settings. If I'm writing solo, I do have characters who use 3-level words to define their character, but I think in a group setting, Level 3 words have too much opportunity to be misconstrued
Violence: 2, with One being, "She sliced him across the chest with her blade, drawing blood." Two being "She sliced him across the chest with her blade, drawing blood, the spray of which lightly coated her mail," and three talking about what organs formed the kebob on her sword when she followed up by impaling him. I won't object if someone writes a little gory, but that's not how I'll probably write

Sexuality: Zero to Three. Okay, I'm answering that way because, if I write a story solo, then I can write how everybody acts and reacts. But group writing doesn't work that way. And as far as romance goes, I think it needs to grow organically in a story. And I absolutely hate it when someone says "Hey, let's have our characters get together." And my answer to that is, I don't know if I can agree to that because I haven't seen what your character is going to be like. They may be the very antithesis of what would romantically draw my character to someone. I'm not against a romance developing, But I like to develop my characters first before seeing if they might be romantically inclined to another character. So my default answer now is Zero for me, whatever the rest of you want for and between yourselves is fine by me. And then once my character(s) is established, and things spark between them and another writer's character, well, we'll see where it goes. Just don't write me OOC with, "Hey, let's get your character and my character together."

What's something cool you'd love to RP? I'll have to give this some thought!

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