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Author Topic: [Expansion pack] The Isolated Empire + Class Pack  (Read 96 times)


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[Expansion pack] The Isolated Empire + Class Pack
« on: January 31, 2020, 09:08:42 PM »
"The riches of the northern empire, the secrets of the Barren Tips and our isolation from the rest of Exonia. It is time, my children that we make ourselves known to Exonia once more. That the Gainia Dynasty is still here, still strong and we shall not waver to our foes of the west. We shall continue our trades with the south as done by old." ~ King Ruehnar Morjeon

With this, we announce the first expansion pack of Exonia named: The Isolated Empire. With this expansion, the staff has worked hours to produce some content to fill your needs. To shape Exonia even more, and the possibility to play a different species. We bring you the Elf from the Gainia Dynasty. One of the few elven kingdoms in Exonia. Additionally, we wanted to give you a better look at what our city is like, so Alderworth page has been created to give you that depth. But that is not all, we wanted to expand our organizations to fit the classes that are being released with this update!

With didn't stop there, we made updates to the Sorcerers, Fighter, Artificer, Druids and Rangers, with the Bard and Rogue classes being updated next month in a power pack. These classes are updated to give Exonia more a setting and players don't require to look overall on the internet to find the information they need. But what about current characters? Not to worry! These are approved and stay approved, but when you do a big update it is expected to update the current class with your character update.

But there is more, more you might think?! Yes more! We updated the logistics a bit of the land and the magical planes to give you a more setting idea of what is expected in Exonia, or better say in the providence of Essia. The Broken Planes are the layers of where different magic comes from, where classes get their magic from, so its worth to read about it. Additionally, an article has been made about the Moons of Exonia, these got some nice folk stories and maybe magical connections. We also added some wildlife like Barren Wolves and the plants Fuzzy Nubbins.

I want to thank personally my team for their hard work on this expansion pack, they worked hours if not days on this with researching everything to get it done. A special thanks to our local druid Taral for providing the spells and the summary for them! If you got some suggestions, ideas or questions about something. Do poke the staff and we gladly answer it for you!

Enjoy your stay at Exonia <3