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Author Topic: [Quest] Spiders of the Barren's  (Read 937 times)


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Re: [Quest] Spiders of the Barren's
« Reply #45 on: February 09, 2020, 12:54:09 AM »
Taral returned to her Ithiris form beside the man, landing gracefully. She lifted her hand and from it, a poison mist sprayed from the palm.

Regrettably, one of the spiders hit her hand at the worst possible moment. The green liquid landed on the ground, burning through a patch of grass. She growled and spat, before drawing her dagger and slashing up. The leg that deflected her poison was cut off, and her slash also caught a bit of its disgusting mouthpiece. A bit of poison leaked from an open wound.

"We need to move him, hide him. Damnnit... Taral, if you can heal him, do so now, and get him away if possible,"

Deryn had found herself next to her. Good. She wasn’t doing this alone.

“On it. Cover me.”

Taral knelt in front of the injured man and laid the palm of her hand on his injured leg. She felt energy transfer from herself into him, reinforcing the tissues and beginning to close his wounds. “Can you walk?” she asked him.


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Re: [Quest] Spiders of the Barren's
« Reply #46 on: February 15, 2020, 01:07:39 PM »
Spotting the spider over by Taral, though impressed with the movement of the dagger, Lia growled.  She hadn't come ready with many long distance weapons beyond those that were her in progress things.  She did another head could of the spiders, reaching back into her bag.  She'd jump down from the tree soon enough and grab her knives from before. 

Eying the layout of the trees, she knew she quite get to Taral and the man from where she was.  She could get close.  Thinking, she looked at the distance with how close she could get.  "Damnit, too far away for my Shield of Faith," she mumbled. 

Realizing there was absolutely nothing in her bag now that could help, she looked back down and bit her lip.  Securing her bag on her back, Lia jumped down from where she was at in the tree.  The end result was a resounding thump on the ground, where she laid in a heap for a moment. 

Shaking it off, she looked around at the others, having hoped she could land on her feet, and reached for the knives she'd left in the spider earlier.  "Well, that was fun..."


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Re: [Quest] Spiders of the Barren's
« Reply #47 on: February 17, 2020, 11:49:53 AM »
Taking her time to recover as much magic as she could, Ava noticed her team was managing it quite well and some spiders manage to get over her ice barrier. They were hitting the enemy, but the bloodthirst was high with them and they were on an intercept course to get their meat. Ava shrugs and knew her magic was getting low right now. She had to do something, but ... Ava shook her head and placed her staff onto the ground as she closed her eyes and started to mutter again some old language as her staff began to collect magic from the area as the others could notice the wind picking up, but there was no cloud to see.

Ava then opened her eyes and looked at her side seeing the two spiders coming closer "Not today..." With another tap onto the ground, a gust of wind blew their direction and smacked them backward into the ice barrier and even pierced one to death as Ava collapsed to the ground. Breathing heavy while leaning onto the staff "Fu...I used most of my magic in that attack.." Then her eyes went wide as she could hear steps and she looked over her shoulder to the sound seeing the larger Spider getting onto it "Shi...t..." She tried a frostbite spell, but the spider quickly broke out of it. Ava aimed her staff at the spider as the beast just slams it out of her hand as the staff drops next to Lia with a loud smack as Ava breathed heavy with the spider getting closer and the slime dropping out of her mouth.


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Re: [Quest] Spiders of the Barren's
« Reply #48 on: Today at 01:33:12 PM »
Sophia had re-positioned herself so that the spiders that were coming after the party in front of her couldn't gain a sense of where she was located. She had started to monitor the battle from her position and that was when she noticed a really big spider bearing down on Ava's position. "Poor girl," She muttered. Sophia extended her left hand out and muttered the necessary incantation successfully using Hunter's Mark on the really large spider.

Sophia then loaded a set of three arrows from her quiver into the bow and pulled the string back. While doing so she closed an eye so that she could get a better aim on the creature. She fired the triple shot in which one arrow flew past the spider and stuck into a nearby tree, but the other two arrows stuck straight through it's head dealing critical damage and clearly wounding the spider, but not quite killing it. Sophia then slung her bow back over her shoulder and started to move forward. As quiet as the phrase, "A church mouse may move," Or something to that affect Sophia got all the way back to the group.

Sophia managed to get right next to Ava before anyone had noticed her presence, but at this point the wounded spider was practically on top of them. She threw one of her daggers and completely missed making the dagger go into the nearby tree with a loud thud where it stuck completely. Now the spider was right in front of her barring it's fangs so Sophia did the only thing she could possibly think to do and drew her second dagger, spun around, and stuck her dagger straight back just as the spider lunged forward. The weapon went through it's head effectively killing it.