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Author Topic: Opening and Staff  (Read 119 times)


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Opening and Staff
« on: December 19, 2019, 08:41:14 AM »
Good day all,

I am glad, no I am honored to say this, but our site is officially open for acceptance of new members. Now I know folks already have signed up and registered, but this is more a generic message that it is now also open for members that have not helped to get this setting set up and in the condition it is in now. The idea was a spur of excitement, an idea to be able to RP with my friends again in a different setting that they or I were used to. This is how Exonia was born in the depth corners of discords. With this motivation, I reshaped this website and made it what you see in front of you right now. The site will see various changes over time and hopefully, it will grow to become bigger and expands its lore. The lore that is not based on other genres, but our own creativity and gifted talent in creating a world that we can call our own.

There is already a quest open that is almost filled up, but the site is not built on one story, anyone can start a quest if they desire to do so <3 So go out there and enjoy! Write until your heart is content with and create even more. Welcome to Estonia!

Staff notice:
  • We are looking for an experience Oracle (Moderator), interested? Contact RaWolfe