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« on: December 20, 2019, 03:17:48 AM »
waves Hi! I'm Rachael, I go by RachOwl on most things, and I've been roleplaying for about 20 years now. Mostly Star Trek, but some fantasy, Stargate, and Harry Potter.

What do you call yourself? RachOwl

How'd you find Exonia? Some guy named RaWolfe kept talking about it, so I followed him here.

What interested you in joining? The setting, and basically everything about Exonia.

Ever done this text-based roleplaying thing before? Many many times. Mostly use Nova now, but I've done quite a few forum rps.

Any previous experiences you want to share? Uhm... points up to intro I think that says it all!

Now for the questionnaire!

Do you prefer:
  • Playing male, female, or other-gendered characters? Generally, female. But I do have a few male characters.
  • Spontaneous or planned RP? Both can be fun.
  • Military or civilian characters? I generally like civilians.
  • Humans, Ithiris or something else? Any, all, I like interesting races.
  • Being in a guild or being solo? There are benefits to both.
  • Roleplay via forum posts or in real-time? As with above, each has their benefits and I like both of them.
On a scale of 1 to 3, what's your preferred level of these in your RP:
  • Language: 2
  • Violence: 2
  • Sexuality: 1
What's something cool you'd love to RP? Uuuhm, not sure, I mean, most simms I join are cool and fun to rp.