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Author Topic: [Expansion] Community Choice  (Read 127 times)


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[Expansion] Community Choice
« on: December 26, 2019, 12:04:16 PM »
Good day folks,

A date is not set yet, but it would be great to have your opinion, mind or idea about the next Expansion pack for Exonia. Expansion packs are another word for updates to the website. They provide new races, technology or approved classes that others wish to use in their character creations or on a quest. So this poll will determine the next approved race to come towards Exonia! Meaning that other races that didn't win the poll will be delayed to another expansion, so think carefully!

There will be more added to the expansion itself, but I will keep that to Staff eyes only :) The first expansion will be focused on races, it is a highly demanded thing so I thought I would put that up first :D

Elf: elves are magical people of otherworldly grace, living in the world but not entirely part of it.
Tiefling: To be greeted with stares and whispers, to suffer violence and insults on the streets, to see mistrust and fear in every eye. This is the lot of a tiefling.
Dwarf: bold and hardy, dwarves are known as skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal.
Genome: a genome's energy and enthusiasm for living shine through every inch of his or her tiny body.


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Re: [Expansion] Community Choice
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 01:46:33 PM »
I'm a dwarf man myself, so that would be my vote :D