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Author Topic: The coins fall, and more...  (Read 125 times)


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The coins fall, and more...
« on: January 05, 2020, 12:42:09 AM »
Good day, wonderful people!

The staff is not sitting still, nop we have lots of ideas and discussions going about the direction we like to go and make the tools public to you all so that we can move forward in creating our own world. Things like the expansion packs that will bring you new classes, new organizations and more structure foundation to understand Exonia a bit better. Maps are in the build, worlds are in the making! Yes, we are discussing quite a bit, but one thing I want to push into use now already.

The The currency, with this system the coins are brought to Exonia. This is and stays accepted currency throughout Exonia. Very basic, but easy to understand in the staff opinion. In the future, there might be new coins from different kingdoms in the expansion packs, but for now, we focus on this only.

The second thing the staff wishes to announce is that an additional rule as been added to the website and discord. To avoid a clickbait, we will not tolerate any poaching on this website or on the discord server. You joined this community to be part of it and not to get the players of this community to another. The staff will be harsh in this and might give you either a warning or a perm ban from the site and server. So please keep recruiting to the recruitment servers that are meant for it.

Third, is that you will notice many replies in the character approval area. No, it doesn't mean your character requires a new approval, but the staff has implanted a safety process. Every character that is approved will be locked (figurately speaking) from any additional editing. Yes you can edit it for grammar or spelling. But any edit that would affect your character greatly requires the staff re-approval. This is to avoid any kind of fraud that might benefit your character suddenly. So the staff will approve, copy your character sheet and add it to their approval message as code.

Lastly, the first Expansion Pack date is set. 31-1-2020 will be the release of this pack, so keep the forum in check and enjoy your stay!

Yours sincerely,

The Staff